Off-topic: The best virtual hug of all

Off-topic: The best virtual hug of all

Summary: Today was a serious bummer of a day at the Berlind household. Shortly after 9AM, our 11-year old dog collapsed in front of my four year old son.


Today was a serious bummer of a day at the Berlind household. Shortly after 9AM, our 11-year old dog collapsed in front of my four year old son. From my home office, I could tell something was terribly wrong when my wife called for me. Within minutes, I loaded her into our car and took her to the vet's office where she passed away in my arms 30 minutes later. It was very unexpected. She had some health issues as many 11 year-old dogs do. But she was a very spry old girl capable of out-running other dogs on the beach that were 10 years her junior. We thought she had a few more good years left in her. Just yesterday, she was jumping on the furniture barking at passers-by. She was a great companion to every member of our family (but to each in a different way). She was a people dog and when no one else was around, she'd come into my home office and curl up under my desk, at my feet.

Via instant messenger, I shared the news with my friend Danese Cooper. In return I got a link to a YouTube video which was exactly what I needed when she sent it. It's the All the Same video from the Sick Puppies (uploaded to YouTube just two days ago). Our girl was a sick puppy after all. Much sicker than anyone thought. Anyway, the video was very uplifting. Check it out and pass it around as you see fit. Such virtual healing and spreading of humanity isn't the only thing the Net is about. But it sure is one of them. Thanks Danese.

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  • So sorry to hear this

    Hey David,

    I'm so sorry to hear this - got to be hard for you and your wife as well as your son. Knowing your passionate personality from the Mashup Camp I can almost feel the pain.

    Be good,

    Nasser and the Frucall team
    • Thanks very much

      We've been telling stories this evening about what a nutty dog she was. The one that had us laughing was what we called the "wasn't me" syndrome. We'd be sleeping and suddenly, we'd hear some plastic thing like a cookie tray getting crunched and I'd go down to find that half a package of Vienna Fingers had been consumed. The other half, along with the packaging would be there, but she'd be curled up in a ball in the corner of the room and would pretend like I just woke her up. Smart dog

      Thanks again.

  • They make some of the best people

    It is difficult for an individual, or a family like yours, to lose a pet
    who has been a faithful companion for so long. Grieve for your
    dog as long as you need to, but always remember the good times
    and the little things that gave her a unique personality. My
    • They never fault you and always forgive

      It's true, they are some of the best people. You can do almost no wrong in a dog's eyes. You can come home late. Yell at them. Forget to refill their water bowl... it doesn't matter.... they never seem to hold it against you. We can learn a lot from our canine companions. Thanks Chiatzu.

  • Cute picture

    I've only seen a pet die a couple times in my life. Both times they were kittens. It was always hard to take. I had a couple adult cats that died too, but both times I didn't witness their death. One died out in my front yard and I didn't notice it until I got home one day. It appeared to be from natural causes as there was no apparent damage. The second ran off to I don't know where, and presumably died. I searched for her for a few days and never found her. I've heard that can happen with animals. Sometimes they go off and hide someplace just before they die.

    Sorry for your loss.
    Mark Miller
    • We like to think....

      ... that our pets are human sometimes.... you know...they need someone they love, there, as they are "passing." Maybe they do. Maybe they don't. We'll never know. Thanks for your note Mark.