OLPC: No Windows for us folks

OLPC: No Windows for us folks

Summary: The One Laptop Per Child Project won't be doing Windows. Ken Fisher at Ars Technica reports that the OLPC project (blog focus) isn't doing Windows.


The One Laptop Per Child Project won't be doing Windows.

Ken Fisher at Ars Technica reports that the OLPC project (blog focus) isn't doing Windows. Fisher notes that AP, Reuters and other mischaracterized the situation.

Fisher writes:

According to Walter Bender, president of Software and Content at OLPC, there is no agreement in place between OLPC and Microsoft to offer XO laptops with any version of Windows. Bender also indicated that Microsoft has not contacted OLPC regarding its $3 software bundling program, nor have any governments requested that the XO be outfitted with Windows. In short, there is no existing collaboration between Microsoft and OLPC aimed at outfitting the XO laptop with Windows.

Apparently, everyone jumped the gun on this one--including Nicholas Negroponte (could he be misquoted by two wire services?). We'll see how things develop from here. Microsoft's $3 Windows pitch is still out there and aims to dent open source in emerging markets.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reckons the OLPC mix-up is a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Adrian also argues that Microsoft will get involved at some point. Christopher Blizzard also serves up a plausible scenario leading to the mix up

Stay tuned.

Topics: Laptops, Microsoft, Windows

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  • Good

    I had a hard time believing what I have been hearing and reading about OLPC using MS software. This is very good news.
  • Violating the Prime Directive

    One of the "Core Principles" of the OLPC, according to their Wiki...principle number 5 says that project will use open source.

    Windows cannot be shipped on the OLPC without violating that covenant.
  • Blizzard seems to have it correct ...

    The first time I heard about Microsoft wanting to get windows on the OLPC the first thing that struck me was that the open source developers would never really work with Microsoft.

    No one is going to help marginalize their own project especially after so much time and effort was put into in. Blizzard is right on the money, Microsoft is being relegated a second class citizen.
  • Screw the poor

    So it's official. The poor will be relegated to a *nix ghetto, rather than using computers the rest of the world uses. A simple recycling program would easily replace NN's ego and all the resources they wasted in developing this useless toy.
    • And I suppose that you . . .

      Have a better idea on how to educate kids in areas WITHOUT electricity???

      Without power, That "wonderful" Windows machine is nothing more than a very large paperweight. Now if Mr. Gates donated a power grid for those areas of the world, THAT would be a good thing . . .

      Go download the LiveCD of the SUGAR/Linux OS and play with it. I think you'll find that this thing isn't supposed to provide anything beyond a means to teach the world's poor.

      And before you whine about my "Liberal" leanings, please note the fact that I'm a card-carrying Dittohead . . .
    • Really?

      I find Linux oftentimes possesses an elegance that Windows sorely lacks. Even without the built-in advantage Windows has enjoyed for well over a decade, Linux and the hated Macs are slowly eating away at Microsoft's dominance. The last figures, I believe, were 4.5% Mac and 3.8% Linux in the desktop market, with significantly higher penetration for Linux and other FOSS in servers, and with both numbers continuing to climb. It's amazing how much happier people can be when they're not being screwed.
    • I suppose you think your Godfathuh

      Will move into the ghetto and share his
      riches with the retched waifs there.

      He could maybe sell them Vista for $3 bucks
      and sell them "Insurance" for 25 cents a
      month to keep it from being disabled.

      That way he could make himself a few more
      billion, lock the poor slobs in his trap,
      and they would be as smart as the rest of
      the world.

      Screw the poor! They don't need freedom any
      more than we do, eh?
      Ole Man