OnForce: When you need on-site IT services, and you need them now

OnForce: When you need on-site IT services, and you need them now

Summary: Here at C3 Expo in New York City, I bumped into Jeffrey Leventhal, CEO of OnForce.com.

TOPICS: IT Employment

Here at C3 Expo in New York City, I bumped into Jeffrey Leventhal, CEO of OnForce.com.  Until meeting Leventhal, I never even heard of OnForce.  In a nutshell, OnForce is one of those intermediary match-making services where people who are in need of certain IT services (normally, labor intensive ones) can find providers of those services.  But this isn't any ordinary IT services  RFP/RFQ site.  The idea, essentially, is to use the Web to create an on-demand IT labor force.  Not only is it very Priceline-esque in the way it operates (I have this job that needs to be done and here's what I'll pay for it), it also serves the market of buyers that need IT services and need them now (like, within the next few to 24 hours).  For example, have you ever needed someone to come in and install software on 100 computers and needed it done like yesterday? Or a printer that needs repair?  Go to OnForce, describe the nature of what you need, and basically, according to Leventhal, it works on a first come, first served basis. In other words, IT buyers usually accept the first provider that says they can do the job and that provider will show up on your premises in as few as three hours. 

According to Leventhal, OnForce also includes a rating system that cuts both ways and that quickly separates the wheat from the chaff.  Buyers of IT services can rate providers on the basis of the quality of the work they do and, on the flip side, providers can rate buyers on a variety of criteria (eg: how well-described the job was) that helps other providers figure out which companies can be serviced profitably.  For example, if a provider shows up for a job and it entails more work than what was described on OnForce.com but the buyer is unwilling to pay for the extra work, that buyer would end up with a rating that would cause other providers to steer clear.  There don't seem to be any boundaries to the business.  For example, I don't see why consumers who are having difficulty getting their WiFi router set up couldn't use the service much the same way some business might.  When you think about it in those terms, OnForce basically competes with outfits like Best Buy's Geek Squad (to the extent that you could call the Geek Squad for some of the same services that you might request through OnForce).

A scan of OnForce's home page shows what's happening in the various marketplaces it serves (sort of like a big board in a stock market).  Those marketplaces (or service categories are):

  • Hardware Services
  • Software Services
  • Network Device Services
  • Printer Services
  • Network Wiring
  • Operating Systems
  • End-User Training
  • Point of Sales 
  • Data Recovery
So, now that I've seen OnForce for IT-related stuff, my only question is, when do we have the same thing for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and the like?

Topic: IT Employment

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  • Onforce is a joke. backround checks are wrong

    We had 5 laptops stolen from onforce techs. All 3 are in jail. Don't use them unless you are cheap and don't care for your safety. One I put in the hospital. Then he went to jail.
  • RE: OnForce: When you need on-site IT services, and you need them now

    Join us at www.onforcesucks.com

    A number of technicians who came before me were brave enough to stand up to OnForce and point out their unfair practices. To retalliate whenever anyone stands up to them or bring up their unfair practices, they suspend or kick them off their so called marketplace.

    I have been with OnForce since they were computerrepair.com and I watched them becoming a sweatshop. A number of small businesses and individuals see the platform as a way to make a quick buck, but they miss the larger picture. Company like Pomeroy and AT&T could have hired an IT force to complete their work orders or subcontract directly to small IT firms. Instead they turn to the OnForce sweatshop. In months to come we will boycott all IT companies that do business with OnForce. We will spread the word about their unfair practices and injustice and how they have destroyed the IT profession.

    We will expose the secrets behind this giant sweatshop. We will provide other alternatives to OnForce, companies like Gurus2Go and others that deal with technicians directly.

    We are taking a stand, we say no to OnForce, no to IT Slavery, no to flat rate fee, no to IT slave master like Pomeroy, no to the destruction of the IT profession.
  • RE: OnForce: When you need on-site IT services, and you need them now

    This is interesting, but you give absolutely NO DETAILS about 'what' "unfair practices?"

    Also, please clarify about your comment "IT slave master like Pomeroy." I am anxious to know, because I have heard similar comments - please give details because, otherwise, you just sound like someone "going postal" after getting fired (no offense intended). Thanks.
  • RE: OnForce: When you need on-site IT services, and you need them now

    Also, you (onforcesucks) mention Gurus2Go, which is a *JOKE*. Gurus2Go is a joke because they REQUIRE a person to have BUSINESS INSURANCE before they can join! NONE OF THEIR COMPETITORS REQUIRE THIS; and it adds ZERO VALUE to Gurus2Go to FORCE this requirement!

    Bottom line: Many of the people who are on WorkMarket, OnForce, etc. ARE *UNEMPLOYED* and CANNOT AFFORD BUSINESS INSURANCE - NOT AT *ANY* COST! In my thinking, this forced requirement will cause Gurus2Go to go out of business.
  • RE: OnForce: When you need on-site IT services, and you need them now

    I only mention Gurus2go because they do business with techs directly. Honestly they are all the same in my book. The only thing those platforms care about is their pockets, they couldn't care less about any computer repair tech. On the insurance issue - you can read my post here: http://onforcesucks.com/forums/index.php?topic=68.0

    I also invite you all to visit onforcesucks if you are a tech, we have a web meeting coming up and we'd like for all of you to join us. http://onforcesucks.com/forums/index.php?topic=87.0