Open Source Initiative Board takes shape


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  • OSI President - Are you kidding me!

    Kim Polese for OSI board president, please! First, this is not a reflection on Kim but on the author of this article. Kim, to my knowledge, has no open source experience(Java is not open source) and whose primary qualification would seem to be as an elegant speaker. I want to see two things from the next president; someone who understands both business AND the community and can balance the two, and someone I can look in the eye and feel comfortable would have the best interests of the community, whether there was a financial opportunity for them or not. I very much doubt that can be said of Kim.
    • No, I'm not kidding

      Kim gets open source much better than you think. Listen to the interview of her. The very reason for SpikeSource to exist cuts straight to the struggles that both ISVs and end-users have in making open source work. Being in touch with both without any confict of interest means she brings a perspective to the table very few other people can. I can't think of a better candidate. But, since you obviously can, who would that be and why?