Opera Mini is a good little browser

Opera Mini is a good little browser

Summary: I've recently been musing about what mobile device to buy. The bottom line is that nothing is perfect.

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I've recently been musing about what mobile device to buy. The bottom line is that nothing is perfect. The question has generated dozens of comments, probably as many private emails, and even spawned a discussion on Mobile Tech Roundup.

Meanwhile, Hugh Roper asked if I'd ever tried Opera Mini on my Sony Ericsson T638 (the phone I "dropped back" to after my Razr died a watery death). I hadn't and was pleasantly surprised.

Opera Mini is available for a large number of mobile phones and PDAs. I found it to be far superior to the default browser that Cingular packages on their phones. Of course, that's not a stretch since I'd concluded that not browsing at all was superior to that experience. Cingular's browser is useful for one thing: buying ringtones from Cingular. It's less of a browser than a special purpose ringtone selling client.

One of the things I wanted to be able to do with an improved mobile device was play with Dave Winer's news river experiment. That works fine in Opera Mini, even on a T638. My only complaint is that it's sloooooooow. Not the connection, but the device itself.

I'm still in the market for a mobile palmtop computer. I've gotten lots of advice and have yet to make a decision. I'd like something I can use as a modem from OS X, has good performance, and does EDGE. Mobile browsing and other apps are more important than email to me. If the Treo 700 were available as a GSM device, I'd be tempted to go that way--even though I hate how they look.

Topic: Mobility

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  • what phone can be used as modem with my sony laptop? (nt)

    my phone: motorola v262


    • Don't link. Or it will blow-up!

  • Yeah, it's cool

    I totally agree that Opera Mini is a good little browser. While for my laptop i use IE and Firefox, for my mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson K750i, i use Opera Mini. It is a very cool browser to use with, and i can check everything with that. Of course part of the good thing is also the mobile provider, Telia Denmark, which is really satisfying with the data stream. Looking forward for a Firefox for mobile phones, or even Thunderbird, so i can check my Gmail accounts much more often. Hail to Opera, for now.
  • I recommend Nokia E61

    The Nokia E61 works like a champ as a modem for my MacBook Pro, supports EDGE, and has the BEST mobile web browser I have ever tried. I understand the E62 version is coming soon to Cingular, but will not have the WiFi functionality. The unlocked versions run about US$300, which isn't bad for how powerful of a device it is.
    palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
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