Oracle tries to stop Sun's bleeding: Is it too late?

Oracle tries to stop Sun's bleeding: Is it too late?

Summary: Oracle has officially came out of the corner to stem the defections from Sun Microsystems' customers. The message: Oracle is serious about hardware and is looking forward to swinging back at IBM.

TOPICS: IBM, Hardware, Oracle

Oracle has officially came out of the corner to stem the defections from Sun Microsystems' customers. The message: Oracle is serious about hardware and is looking forward to swinging back at IBM.

As pointed out by Matt Asay, Oracle has launched a full court press to convince Sun customers to stick around. Sun has been pummeled by IBM on server sales. Meanwhile, the EU is looking to drag out approval of Oracle's purchase of Sun. Toss in question about whether Oracle will even keep Sun's hardware business and you have a recipe for disaster.

Here's that disaster (click to enlarge):

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has seen enough. Now we all know Ellison loves a fight---especially with IBM. Hell, Ellison may stay in hardware just to compete with Big Blue.

In a series of ads, Oracle says that it will spend more dough developing SPARC, develop Solaris and focus on hardware. To IBM, Ellison says Oracle is "in it to win it."

In this ad, Oracle teases Oct. 14 at OpenWorld as a key date.

Oracle says:

Oracle and Sun together are hard to match. Just ask IBM. Its fastest server now runs an impressive 6 million TPC-C transactions, but on October 14 at Oracle OpenWorld, we'll reveal the benchmark numbers that prove that even IBM DB2 running on IBM's fastest hardware can't match the speed and performance of Oracle Database on Sun systems. Check back on October 14 as we demonstrate Oracle's commitment to Sun hardware and Sun SPARC.

Now you could dismiss this as banter designed to stem Sun defections, but Oracle has been true to its word. Oracle has said it wouldn't kill off the products and customers of PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Siebel and hasn't. Now that Ellison has thrown down the hardware gauntlet, maybe Oracle will stick with that too.

We'll find out soon enough.

Topics: IBM, Hardware, Oracle

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  • bring it IBM....Sun Admin here!

    I just love Sun and Oracle!!!
  • RE: Oracle tries to stop Sun's bleeding: Is it too late?

    Too late. Sun has been sinking for years, the migration started around 2005/6, unit numbers are down, and WAY down if you take the x86 products out of the mix. They were way too late with x86 products and went into it kicking and screaming. They 'poo-poo-ed' Linux and ended up eating their words around Windows.

    Sun would have been smart to have studied DEC and learned from that mess. DEC was a far better and more innovative company, but was resistant to the changes taking place in the industry. Sun basically followed the same ?play book? and let arrogance and the wrong person stirring the ship (Palmer at DEC, Schwartz at Sun) take once proud and industry pioneers into the abyss. Give it a couple of years and Sun will be as relevant as DEC is today. Innovators of lots of great stuff that we use today, but long gone.
    • Stir the pot, steer the ship.

      That is, unless the ship is a vessel containing the liquid instead of floating on it.
      Lester Young
    • Rumors of Sun's demise are greatly exaggerated

      Yes, Sun may have been smart to study DEC ... but they have
      a lot more on the ball (imo) than what DEC ever had. ...

      The 7000 line, (Amber Road), is an animal.
      The Cool Threads servers are pace-setters.
      And if they get their hands on the SPARC64 VIII chip, that Fujitsu
      demoed last May, they will rule on the high end. The M-Series is
      already potent -- it will be even more so.

      Sun will bounce back in a big way in 2010. You heard it here first.

      Sunny Guy
    • Sun has been sinking for several years...

      I agree with you Phil. But the sinking started alot earlier. Sun has been caught in the middle of a shrinking mid-range market... with x86 units gobbling up the smaller accounts and the top end of the market going to consolidation, most specifically to the IBM z-series, IFL(zLinux) specialty(read cheaper) engines. Sun started losing market share in 2001....right after IBM came out with the z-series in late 2000.

      Sun better be afraid, IBM is about to come out with their next GENERATION mainframe next year... Tech World suspects that x86 engines may be part of the mainframe mix, next year.
  • Oracle should focus on M$ not IBM

    IBM is Oracle's ally not the enemy.
    They must join forces to defeat M$ through open source. Sun is already on board, and Scottt McNeally can lead the charge.
    Linux Geek
    • Grow up

    • First thing first, though

      and that would be that someone should lead the charge in the attempt to locate your brain somewhere along the road where you lost it...
      • Whaaa???

        someone lost their brain? I can't feel anything...
    • Someone hit this idiot with a clue stick.

      • Ok then...

        /me hits No_Ax_to_Grind with a clue stick *thwack* *thwack* *thwack*
    • Oracle: open source player ???

      I didn't know that Oracle was open source player.
      Just compare M$ MSSQL and Oracle db prices.

      Sorry I forgot MySQL ;-) Is't still there for a
      long time ?
  • Dont be surprise if the money they spent on the ad

    is more than they plan to spend on SPARC before they let it settle to the bottom of the sea. Larry likes fighting IBM but not to the point of endlessly pouring good money after bad.

    And in what marketing idiot's head does point #4 make any kind of sense?
    Johnny Vegas
    • Read about Fujitsu's SPARC64 VIII

      Uh, I think Sun and Fujitsu make money on SPARC.

      Who'd of thought it, eh? :-)

      Sunny Guy
  • sparc makes me sleepy

    i love sparc because their hard core chips are doing more with less.
    with the coolest rigs and harware....
    8 threads per core....
    multithreaded 10gb ethernet...


    i need to lay down for a while...
  • Lose lose deal for Oracle

    It appears that Sun was lose lose deal for Oracle! If IBM bought it, it could been costly. Not buying actually trigger customer defections to IBM without costing a cent?
    privacy matters
  • Yes, Oracle is bleeding!

    It's not sun bleeding! It's orakle of obama is bleeding.
    privacy matters
  • And this is why the EC is so crappy.

    Screwing up two American companies and holding them hoistage until one has bled to death. Yeah, thats real comnpetition...
    • We agree

      Here in the EU we agree that they destroy competition, that's their policy if you care to read it. All we get here is price-fixing and less and less competition which has consistently contributed to the corporate greed which has caused this financial crisis which we have big problems solving. The consumers have been suffering and now the greedy corporations are hurting because few people are buying much now. Hell slap it into them!
      • That wasn't the EU's objection

        The EU objected to the merger as they were afraid of JOB LOSS in Europe from the merger. Looks like it's going to happen anyway.

        Tough nuts man, shouldn't have stood in the way of the moving bus.