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Summary: California gas prices. More reasons to telecommute...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

California gas prices. More reasons to telecommute... 


Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Gas prices in Texas

    We're only 15 cents behind you here in Texas.
  • Who's responsible? YOU ARE

    Buy Chinese-made crap at Walmart, Chinese use money to buy more oil for themselves - so they can manufacture more junk for Walmart . . .
    Roger Ramjet
    • Wal-Mart is not the enemy we need to be worried about...

      OPEC is. We should pull out of Iraq and tell OPEC "Drop the prices or we drop the bomb. Period." It's obvious diplomacy has failed in this situation.
  • What people fail to realize

    is that this will only get worse. AND it's not just gas prices. All of your plastics are made with crude by-products, so as we run out of sources of crude we also lose not only fuel but plastics, synthetic fibers, medications, and even some of our processed food (which probably isn't good for you anyhow).

    There are no more magic oil wells. WE have found them all and soon they will be tapped. Once that happens, then what?

    Sure there are NOW some moves to alternative fuels, but that doesn't address the current abuse and issues of waste as well as all of the other manufactured goods we rely on from crude oil. There is recycling, but from what I can tell California is the leader in the Union and even then it's not very consistent.

    Digging ourselves deeper and deeper and still I see people out buying and drving SUV's that get 8mpg. And the main reason I seen people getting these things is to cover up the fact they can't drive! (personal opinion based on observation).

    Bottom line, the pain of fuel prices have just started. And again we the consumer can effect a change and push for better more efficient technologies and renewable sources of fuels for our automobiles. But the apathy of the masses prevents enough people getting together and forcing change.
    Linux User 147560