Quote of the day: Justice Breyer

Quote of the day: Justice Breyer

Summary: Quote of the day: I know it's early in the day, U.S.

TOPICS: E-Commerce

breyer.jpgQuote of the day: I know it's early in the day, U.S. West coast time, but Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's remark during oral arguments today in the MercExchange versus eBay suit is noteworthy. MercExchange claims that eBay is infringing on its "Buy it Now"--the fixed price purchase feature used on eBay. Justice Breyer that if eBay's "Buy it Now" feature could be patented, "then maybe A&P could patent its process for a supermarket."

Topic: E-Commerce

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  • Business process patents are insane

    • Hey - I agree with George!!

      Yes, I do believe it is probably the first time that I agree with a complete statement that he makes. But he is dead-on with this one!

      Not that George is always wrong, we just don't agree all of the time. But that makes for some great discussions.
      Paul C.
  • I just used that feature this morning during break at school

    to get some outrageously reduced "image editing software" (with activation code). :-)