Report: Yahoo getting closer to potential buyers

Report: Yahoo getting closer to potential buyers

Summary: Is Yahoo up for sale again? A new report suggests that the beleaguered search engine is finally cozying up to potential buyers.


It's been rather quiet during the last couple of weeks as to whether or not Yahoo is looking for a new buyer.

Now it looks that the beleaguered search engine is closer than ever. Maybe those better-than-expected third quarter earnings did the trick? Maybe, but whatever

According to Reuters, based on information from unnamed sources "familiar with the matter," that Yahoo is finally cozying up to potential buyers, and that the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based search-turned-digital-media company has signed confidentiality agreements with several parties interested in a deal.

However, unsurprisingly, there have been some significant roadblocks. Reuters reports:

Some private equity firms have balked at signing Yahoo's non-disclosure agreement because of restrictions that would prevent them from forming consortiums, sources told Reuters last week. Indeed, at least five of the private equity firms interested in Yahoo have not yet signed the NDA, several sources told Reuters.

And the private equity firms that did relent and sign the agreement have heavily negotiated its terms, sources said, though it was not clear exactly what amendments had been made.

Whatever the problems are, they better solve them quick as the deadline is supposedly today.

Although there none of these parties have been officially named, supposedly (as mentioned above) several top private equity groups are in the mix, and even Google, Alibaba, and Microsoft have been involved in strategic discussions.

Microsoft was supposedly back in the running in October, and either way, the search agreement that the Redmond, Wash.-based corporation has with Yahoo is going to figure heavily in any kind of sale deal.

At one point, there was even talk about an AOL-Yahoo merger, which was just too unbelievable (and ridiculous) to be true.


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  • RE: Report: Yahoo getting closer to potential buyers

    YahAol! is the name, just in case Yahoo-Aol merged together. LOL. But seriously, Yahoo must continue what they started just changing some of their algorithms just to make some adjustment and to compete to Google.
  • When was Yahoo a search engine?

    Yahoo originally used Google for search, acquired some search engines (Altavista, etc.) and signed a deal with Microsoft to use Bing as their search provider. They provide a portal but do not run their own search (despite acquiring a few over they years of operation).
  • Apple Should Buy Yahoo

    Imagine: you could only search for Apple-approved things, but you could search for them with style.
    • Nope! Will never happen. iHoo just doesn't have a good ring to it.

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