Retraction: Yahoo and Iran

Retraction: Yahoo and Iran

Summary: Overnight one of our bloggers, Richard Koman, reported that Yahoo handed over user names to the Iranian government. We're retracting the blog post.


Overnight one of our bloggers, Richard Koman, reported that Yahoo handed over user names to the Iranian government. We're retracting the blog post. Here's what went wrong.

First, the post was based on a single source who had a clear agenda. That source wasn't properly filtered and his charges weren't verifiable by credible sources.

Second, we never called Yahoo to verify the report or get an appropriate response. Blog networks still need to follow journalism 101 and Yahoo should have been called. In summary, our checks and balances went awry. We put a lot of trust in our bloggers to get it right and frankly we let you down with this report.

The chain of events can be found on the post, but we wanted to do a separate item for the record. My apologies again and we will be taking corrective measures to prevent this breakdown.

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  • RE: Retraction: Yahoo and Iran

    What's this? Bloggers posting untruths for attention?

    I thought that's what a blogger does.
  • RE: Retraction: Yahoo and Iran

    You MUST fire the blogger asap. It's your reputation on the
    line. I hope Yahoo!'s lawyers come down to you, so the least
    you can do now if you're at all serious is to fire that Bozo.
  • Not surprised

    I find Richard Koman's blog not very analytical or insightful. One would expect to read his own legal analysis in his blog about the issues he writes about but he is usually content with repeating other people's points of view or give a brief (e.g., two line) comment that sounds more like his personal opinion as blogger than as lawyer.

    Given his lack of dedication, I am not surprised he didn't bother to be more analytical with the piece of information he received.
  • Don't know why so much problem for Harris

    Really, his blog is not worth your staunch defense
  • RE: Retraction: Yahoo and Iran

    So we can expect to never see another blog from Richard
    Koman again correct? Seeing as how he is no longer a viable
    or reliable source of information, I would imagine he is no
    longer of use to ZDnet?
    Let's hope so...the world is already full of misinformation,
    let's weed out the misinformants!!!
  • Boy yo in a heap a trubba fo sho!....

    Richard Koman that is!!!
  • RE: Retraction: Yahoo and Iran

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