Salesforce names JP Rangaswami chief scientist

Salesforce names JP Rangaswami chief scientist

Summary: JP Rangaswami, the former chief scientist at BT, will take the same position at


JP Rangaswami, the former chief scientist at BT, will take the same position at said Wednesday that Rangaswami will contribute to the company's product strategy and be an evangelist for cloud computing around the globe. Rangaswami will focus on European customers and preaching real-time collaboration.

Rangaswami is a veteran of multinational companies and his experience at BT should help garner a larger enterprise footprint. Rangaswami has been a chief information officer as well being a key player in startups. Rangaswami was behind the Ribbit effort at BT.

In a statement, CEO Marc Benioff said Rangaswami has "the rare talent of being able to see what the future should be, knowing what it takes to get there, and the enthusiasm to make it happen."


CIO Sessions: BT Design CIO: JP Rangaswami

Topic: Enterprise Software

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  • RE: Salesforce names JP Rangaswami chief scientist

  • RE: Salesforce names JP Rangaswami chief scientist

    Chief 'Yes Man'.
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