Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

Summary: Samsung is seeking a ban on the iPhone 4S in two European countries amid patent tensions between the two phone giants.


Samsung could target the iPhone 4S, the announced only yesterday next-generation Apple smartphone, in an ongoing patent infringement battle between the two companies.

The Korean phone giant said it would file suit against the iPhone 4S in France and Italy, in a bid to ban the phones less than a day after it was announced, adding fuel to the fire in the intensifying row.

It will also file legal cases in other countries "after further review", Reuters reports.

"Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property and free-ride on our technology", Samsung said in a statement, adding: "We will steadfastly protect our intellectual property".

Preliminary requests for a ban on the iPhone 4S will be filed today, revolving around two particular patents relating to its wireless WCDMA technology. It adds to Samsung's filings earlier this year in the United States in April, claiming that the wireless patents were infringed upon.

Under European law, companies can seek a ban on products even before products are let loose on the sales floor.

The ongoing patent row threatens Samsung's smartphone business, with the Galaxy tablet and smartphone range allegedly violate the design patents of Apple's corresponding iPad and iPhone range.

Samsung has had its products banned in a number of countries already, including on its own home turf in South Korea.

In the U.S., however, as the legal battle between the two companies rage on, cellular networks Verizon and T-Mobile have stepped into the ring in a bid to resolve the differences, before a possible ban could impede their own businesses.

Both Verizon and T-Mobile sided with Samsung, a manufacturer of 4G compatible smartphones, citing reasons that 4G network adoption rates would suffer if Samsung's phones were banned in the U.S.

Apple did not wish to comment.


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  • If you can't beat 'em

    sue 'em.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

      @Michael Alan Goff <br>"If you can't beat 'em" --- You mean if Apple can't beat Samsung or if Samsung can't beat Apple ?
      • Nothing to do with insider information; just Apple's filings on the issue

        @toddybottom: also, Nokia and Apple settled on fair terms. Apple declined to pay earlier required fees and showed that it will drag the case in courts for years and years. Nokia then offered mutually acceptable terms and Apple agreed.<br><br>With Samsung, it is more complicated, since the patents they claim are actually used in Broadcom and other connection chip manufacturers' parts, and these companies have all of technology licensed.<br><br>So, among other things, Apple also doubts that it has to pay anything at all.
      • So Apple believes they are right?

        "Nothing to do with insider information; just Apple's filings on the issue"

        That settles it then. If one side of a patent dispute believes that they are in the right, the other side has no chance of winning.

        And you still didn't answer my question: did Samsung not offer Apple any terms or did Samsung offer Apple terms that were discriminatory? You should easily be able to get this information Apple's "filings".

        Unless you made all of this up and you have no idea what you are talking about.
      • Nokia and Apple are now best friends

        "Nokia then offered mutually acceptable terms and Apple agreed."

        And this is all that Samsung is looking for. Nokia was able to get Apple to agree to terms that Nokia found acceptable. Samsung simply wants Apple to agree to terms that Samsung finds acceptable.

        If they can't agree though, a court will decide. Apple has already lost this case in 1 court so it certainly could happen again.
      • Talking about both of them


        Neither is immune from the fact that I think their lawsuits are frivolous.
        Michael Alan Goff
      • Go Samsung....

        At the end of the day most all bar the zealots just want technology to progress. Sadly Apple want to keep any progression to themselves, regardless of who it belonged to.

        I sincerely hope Samsung have the toolset to kick-ass and hurt them on this issue. My freedom of choice is at stake!

        I have Android (htc), ipad, iphone, Samsung tech at home. I buy what I want so please, please, don't tell me Apple know what I need and wil deliver it. Please don't bore me with some rubbish... just do not respond if you feel the urge to.
      • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

        @mKind YES!!
    • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

      @Michael Alan Goff

      Such a fool.... You will find Apple started litigation against Samsung...
      • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row


        And that makes it justified how? It was wrong for Apple to start suing, and it's wrong for Samsung.
        Michael Alan Goff
    • Apple forgot that a sucker punch ....

      @Michael Alan Goff
      ... can work both ways! lol
    • Apple's proven strategy is: If I can't compete, then litigate!

      @Michael Alan Goff

      A bully punches you in the face. What do you do? Run away, plead for mercy, or fight back?

      Apple's finally met its match! And then some!

      I say Samsung should cut-off all essential parts and components supplies to Apple (since they are already in a legal war the world over), in addition to blocking all of Apple products the world over infringing on Samsung's patents and IP.

      You think Apple invented / patented everything?

      Hey, Apple started it. Now Samsung is going to finish it.

      Too bad, so sad Apple but you clearly deserve it.

      Apple is a flea on an elephant's back.

      What goes around, comes around.[/i]
      • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row


        All tech people should only buy Android phones let other i.. buy iPhone . Let every one have a chance and help open source . Let we grow the democratic and social cell phone world not dictatorial Monarchy world. Let whole world come to a smart phone era buy using the cheapest android phones manufactured by almost all the hardware vendors . Let iphone stay like Apple notebook ... Not for the public it is only for fun and pride. Support the freedom fighter Samsung in all the ways
      • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

        Samsung's Net Worth: $258B
        Apple's Net Worth: $255B

        That's one big flea kid.
      • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row


        So you're alright with a frivolous, just as Apple's was, lawsuit that will only hurt consumers? I don't care what Apple thinks it patented, it was wrong to start suing Samsung.

        That doesn't make Samsung any less wrong, though.
        Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

      @Michael Alan Goff The i pod shuffle the i Phone the i pad and the docking port where stolen ideas ' You steve jobs never paid for this ideas . The agreement was for 5% for the docking port for the ideas that you never paid $$ for it' and flagrantly violate our intellectual property agreement . You steve jobs have no morals and no empathy just like a wall street banker and the FBI have a copy of all the emails
      • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

        @newbedave You had better adjust your tinfoil hat, I can see via your web cam that I am monitoring that it's slightly to the right.

        No, wrong way your right, not mine.

        There you go, it's straight now :-)
  • How can you blame Samsung?

    Apple attacked Samsung for no reason. Samsung must defend itself and sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

    If Apple loses this, they will only have themselves to blame.
    • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

      @toddybottom what did the Apple invent that Samsung is using? A borderless screen? Seriously? Yes, this so called invention will drive the technological progress for years... yeah, right...
    • RE: Samsung seeks to ban iPhone 4S amid patent row

      @toddybottom Doesn't matter which side of this you fall on all I see is more of the usual, whoever the poster is a fanboy for is right all facts (which none of us have) be damned.