Sergey Brin: No office suite...for now

Sergey Brin: No office suite...for now

Summary: Google co-founder Sergey Brin made a guest appearance at the Web 2.0 conference.

TOPICS: Google

brin3.jpgGoogle co-founder Sergey Brin made a guest appearance at the Web 2.0 conference. During his conversation, hosted by John Battelle, someone from the audience asked Brin about when a 'Google Office,' a web-based productivity suite, would appear. Brin responded: "I don't really think that the thing is to take a previous generation of technology and port them directly, and say can we do the minicomuter on the Web on AJAX makes sense. I'm not saying that's what [Microsoft] Office is, I'm just saying that I think the Web and Web 2.0, if that's what you want to call it, gives you the opportunity to do new and better things than the Office package and more. We don't have any plans  [to do an office suite]." He went on to say that there are good Web-based applications popping up and that Google would do its thing, and that working with documents will become a lot more convenient than it is today. That sounds like Google may build or buy at some point, given that one of Google's goals, according to Brin, is to impact things where people spend a lot of time. such as email. 

Brin was also asked what areas Google wouldn't enter (for example, Google just introduced an RSS reader that is already stirring up that part of the industry). "Most of our success has nothing to do with what an executive said was a good idea." With all the smart people at Google spending time on innovating, there won't be many areas that Google will leave untouched.

Topic: Google

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  • Add OpenOffice and off you go

    I'd enjoy seeing someone like google add OpenOffice and dish up to Microsoft what they've done to to others with MS 'free stuff' like IE
  • Open Office could do with a Firefox fork

    I wish they'd split up Open office and clean it up, similar to what Firefox & Thunderbird did to Mozilla suite. Its kind of a big off-putting tarball right now.

    And wouldn't it be nice to build the services around the products, rather than the bits and pieces all unconnected.

    e.g. You have Open Office now, so you create Office->Fax gateway so the Open Office people can select 'print' and print to the fax (which is a Google data->fax gateway across the Net).
    And Google talk to integrate with the telephone network (like skype in and out). And data->fax would use the same telephone gateway. And voicemail for google talk that stores them in your gmail account, and Google data->fax can send as Tiff via email for sending later and and and....

    Maybe there's a bigger picture to see there, there seems to be a lot of cross service gains possible there.

    Also they have razors with 3 blades now.
    Nigel Johnstone
  • Really sounds like the hype was just that

    So we've heard from Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin, "No, it doesn't make sense to try to recreate Office on the web." So all you office-on-the-web-would-be-so-neat guys can cool your jets.

    After hearing this clarification it makes sense to me that Google's contribution could be augmenting OpOf, integrating some net features into it, like internet search (so you don't have to go to a browser app. to do that--just do it from within OpOf), VOIP for collaboration, RSS reader, stuff like that, but otherwise leaving the beefy parts to the OpOf group to figure out. Seems like a browser component could come in handy.
    Mark Miller
  • Yep the wire is getting more reliable every day.


    With the Level 3 and Cogent fiasco, this proves that the local machine is here to stay. If one of these companies goes under, so does your work. Even if it wasn't deleted by disgruntled employees in the process, your data will be tied up in courts for a long time. The disruptions alone will put you out of business.
    • Keep

      preaching... maybe the big guy's will figure out what us little guy's already know! ]:)
      Linux User 147560
      • You know I will.

    • The desktop has the same problem ...

      Remember, that MS Office formats are proprietary. MS has the right to revokle your use of their proprietary programs (needed to read their proprietary formats) at any time for just about any reason. That would render youyr data on the desktop unuseable. Read the EULA !!!
      Plain Logic
      • Will not happen. He wants to stay in business.

        Bill likes it when I license a copy of Office. It just makes good business sense to please the customer.
  • Ah, Google, what MS should've been

    and vice versa what Google might become if they misstep.

    Are Corel and IBM working on Office killers as well? Only much time will tell. LOL.

    OpenOffice, good stuff there. Google would have a lot of work to challenge it. Maybe they can buy it, seems to have worked for Sun once.
  • Interesting

    I see in my morning email that Company "F" is offering a discount deal from M$ on Office Suite. After all deep discounts, the end price is 50 bucks. Now WHY would M$ be willing to sell Office Suite for 50 bucks?
    Roger Ramjet
    • I delete that junk all the time.

      I get the same thing a little while back. I did a trace route and the country was Estonia. There are pirates all over. I was offered Pagemaker for $39. If something is too good to be true ....
      • Nope its official

        This is the real McCoy!
        Roger Ramjet
        • Yeah right!

          What is the name of the outfit? I'm sure MS would like to know also. The last time someone sent me an ad like that, I sent them a 10mb bmp file.
  • Berlind don?t speak no StarOffice?

    It?s almost hilarious. Did you guys even watch the joint press conference of Sun and Google?.

    Did you see McNealy giving Eric Schmidt a boxed copy of the recently released StarOffice 8?. Did you see the part where Schmidt clearly said "we're not a software company, we're a web services company" when inquired about a "Google Office"?.

    So it's kind of amazing (or perhaps not) to see Ziff Gates continuously asking "where's the Google Office?". When it was clear from minute one that Google is NOT interested in pursuing that.

    However, what you ARE likely going to see is StarOffice and products tying more and more with Google services. For instance, there's a Blogger toolbar from Google, for Microsoft Word. It's likely that future such developments will be, from now on, created for StarOffice/OpenOffice first, and promoted by Google (thus driving customers away from Microsoft's proprietary suite).

    That's why Microsoft better be scared, and that's why it's no surprise for me to see the Ziff Gates spinmeinsters trying to mud the playing field and asking dumb questions like "where's the Google Office?". It's no wonder some folks in Redmondia and their favourite spinmeinsters are nervous and worried... Google web services tightly integrated to a free open source office suite has the potential of being a Microsoft killer.

    And both you and I know that the Microsoft of today still relies on the Windows preloads and Microsoft Office cash cows to finance lots of unprofitable ventures (like the XBox) devised exclusively to extend the Windows monopoly.

    You know what I'd like to see, Berlind and co? An unbiased review of StarOffice 8, on linux and windows, for a change.