Siri accounts for one-quarter of all Wolfram Alpha searches

Siri accounts for one-quarter of all Wolfram Alpha searches

Summary: Thanks to Apple's deal with Wolfram Alpha with Siri, the intelligent voice assistant now accounts for 25 percent of the computational search engine's traffic.


When Apple announced Siri, it also quietly brought its partnership with Wolfram Alpha to light. Siri, the intelligent voice assistant, now accounts for 25 percent of all Wolfram Alpha searches, according to the New York Times.

Siri uses the "computational search engine" combined with voice-search technology to bring up-to-date results on weather, calendar appointments, and even on occasion, where to bury a dead body.

While arguably Wolfram Alpha can be a useful tool for ordinary users and mathematicians, technologists and other high-end industries, its results have benefited from Siri's ability to translate the complex search answers to the layperson.

Wolfram Alpha receives over half a million daily visitors, and is in the top 5,000 websites online. In the space of the last year, the site's traffic has fluctuated a great deal, but increased significantly on the whole from the release of the iPhone 4S.

While Apple remains seemingly quiet over its partnership, the deal has done wonders for the Wolfram Alpha has benefited from bringing its often complex-search results to the mass consumer market. While it is no 'Google' and seems to separate itself from the rest of the search engine sector, it truly adds a dimension of intellect to online searching.

Wolfram Alpha is expanding to a new Pro-service, set to launch this week, which will give professional users and students alike the option to access more dynamic, open exporting.

Image source: Wolfram Alpha.


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  • Wolfram who?

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

    A quarter of nothing is still nothing. How many people do you know who use Wolfram as their search engine, regardless of Siri? Zero.

    Apologies if reality has ruined yet another attempt at an Apple PR story.
    Tim Acheson
    • RE: Siri accounts for one-quarter of all Wolfram Alpha searches

      @Tim Acheson
      Wolfram Alpha is not a search engine like Google so nobody uses it as one. I use Google as my search engine and I use Wolfram Alpha when I want to solve math or other science related questions.

      If you go to a college and ask the engineering or science related students if they have heard to Wolfram Alpha most all of them would say yes.
    • RE: Siri accounts for one-quarter of all Wolfram Alpha searches

      @Tim Acheson First of all it's not a search engine in the traditional sense. It's more of answer engine. Secondly if you're a college/grad student especially in engineering/science related fields wolframalpha is one the greatest tools to come around in a long time. And if you own an iphone4S (which is a lot of people) you've probably used wolframalpha at one point or another without even knowing it.
      chuck finley
    • RE: Siri accounts for one-quarter of all Wolfram Alpha searches

      @Tim Acheson Like the others have said, Wolfram Alpha isn't a search engine. Rather, it's the reason thousands of people pass their college math and science classes every semester. I laugh at anyone who actually attempts to use it as a search engine.