Six new photo filters Facebook should add to Instagram

Six new photo filters Facebook should add to Instagram

Summary: So Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Here are some new photo filters the social network should add.


Thirty minutes ago, popular social network Facebook acquired mobile photo app Instagram for $1 billion.

If you're unfamiliar with the application, it's a social photo-sharing platform that offers a portfolio of one-click photo filters that give digital snapshots an instant look, from rough-and-tumble to overexposed to faded vintage. It's Photoshop for dummies, basically.

In celebration of the sale, here are six new photo filters (with descriptions!) the social network could add:

  • Stalker: darkens darks and reduces lights. Particularly adept at hiding faces.
  • Winklevoss: creates a mirror image of the photo in question.
  • Bender: for that blurry, off-kilter, low-light, it's-three-in-the-morning-and-i'm-trashed feel.
  • Reader: embeds a blanked-out version of your photo at the top of your friends' feeds, regardless of publish date. A click is required to unhide it.
  • Meme: Layers an inspirational quote on your photo.
  • Poke: no one really knows what this one does.

What others should Facebook add? Leave 'em in the comments.

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    David Grober
  • AutoInsult

    adds derogatory comments about newest platform supporting Instagram to save you the effort of sneering manually
  • Or perhaps...

    "Zuck" -- adds Adidas sandals to every photo
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  • A Rule 34 filter would be hilarious

    Even if it just cut out the face and posted it on some scuzz body. Or put off-color dialog bubbles on the pic. Hmmm, maybe I'll take a stab at it this weekend, and send in a patent application. Seems like all the software companies are patenting every lame-brain thing they can crank out, mine should fit right in.
    terry flores