Smartphone sales surge with younger demographics (survey)

Smartphone sales surge with younger demographics (survey)

Summary: Young professionals are more likely than not to own smartphones, but another demographic is quickly picking up advanced mobile phones more than one might expect.


This might not come as a surprise to many tech followers, but now there is more evidence to prove it.

Well over more than half (62 percent) of mobile device owners between the ages of 25-34 own smartphones, according to Nielsen’s third quarter survey of mobile users.

Rates for smartphone ownership are rising slower but steadily among both the 18-24 and 35-44 age groups at around 54 percent.

Although Nielsen did not provide reasons as to why smartphones are most popular (so far) with people between the ages of 25 to 34, here are a couple of guesses.

For one, this demographic is likely one of the most (if not the most) involved age group when it comes to social media and networking, which almost goes hand-in-hand with mobile trends these days.

Additionally, these mobile users are also likely pushing more for bringing their personal devices to for -- another IT trend (for some, a problem; others see it as a benefit) on the rise.

However, just because Millenials own smartphones the most doesn't mean we should discount other demographics as slow or outdated.

Nielsen found that after young adults, the segment with the second fastest-growing smartphone penetration rate is those aged 55-64.

In case you're wondering how this breaks down by operating system, Nielsen fell in line with comScore's month-after-month results that Android is still the most popular smartphone OS in the United States with 43 percent of the market. But Apple comes in at the top of the smartphone manufacturer list with 28 percent of smartphone consumers sporting an Apple iPhone.

In September, Nielsen also revealed that not only are nearly 60 percent of new cell phones sold are actually smartphones now, but U.S. buyers are increasingly shifting towards purchasing Android devices.


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  • RE: Smartphone sales surge with younger demographics (survey)

    25-34 makes perfect sense to me. University/College graduates getting their first good paying jobs going out and buying the phone they really wanted but that they couldn't previously afford.
  • RE: Smartphone sales surge with younger demographics (survey)

    I believe that Apple should focus on software + market share strategy rather than doing both... look at battery issues its facing.

    get more hardware partners + make brilliant software + siri = success.
    • Apple is a hardware company

      who make their money from the sale of hardware.

      Letting clones loose would just diminish Apple's overall market share, and with it the loss of revenue.
      William Farrell
  • RE: Smartphone sales surge with younger demographics (survey)

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  • RE: Smartphone sales surge with younger demographics (survey)
  • RE: Smartphone sales surge with younger demographics (survey)

    I wonder if the group of younger phone owner who have grown up texting will demand phones with Physical QWERTY keyboards as opposed to on-screen soft keyboards. I am guessing they will. Phone manufacturers beware.