Social media addiction in the workplace

Social media addiction in the workplace

Summary: GigaOm's Web Worker Daily references a survey from Clearswift, a security company, indicating that the consumer, Web 2.0 Internet has a big presence in the workplace.


GigaOm's Web Worker Daily references a survey from Clearswift, a security company, indicating that the consumer, Web 2.0 Internet has a big presence in the workplace. According to the survey:

  • 87 percent of office workers access Web 2.0 sites each week, with 63 percent accessing the sites one or more times a day
  • 51 percent of office workers spend one or more hours a week using and accessing Web 2.0 sites when at work
  • 46 percent of office workers have discussed work-related issues on social media websites
  • 71 percent of office workers use Web-based email at work for personal reasons
  • 50 percent of office workers believe that employees should be entitled to access Web 2.0 Internet content from their work computer for personal reasons 

I have heard this from CIOs, telling me that their logs show a significant number of employees hanging out at MySpace, IMing with friends or watching YouTube videos, and they are not sure what do about it. Blocking social media sites could have a much worse effect on employee moral than simply allowing the behavior, within reason, whatever that level may be. Happy employees do better work, and the Web has become the new water cooler and break time activity--that provides an important outlet for employees. Managers need to be aware that if employees are having performance-related problems it could be due to an excess of social media activity or even an addiction. I'm sure there will be clinics to help cure people from excessive Twittering.

Web Worker Daily offers some advice to employees, such as setting aside blocks of time for the more distracting social activities in the day, instead of letting them intrude constantly. "Do you really need to be in constant touch with your e-mail, RSS feeds, photostreams, and Twitter messages?," the author asks.

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  • This is one of the more reasonable articles I've seen on this...

    It's the first I've read that addresses employee "welfare and happiness" and add's it to the equation.

    It IS part of the equation these days, whether you want it to be or not.

    When you have workers staying long hours, most times without compensation, a little release (within limits) should be taken into consideration.

    Now, if this is the CAUSE of the workers long hours (and any good manager can tell the difference) then that needs to be address with that worker.

    It's all about balance.
  • Web 2.0 at work

    It makes sense that people at work spend hours per day on the 2.0 sites. They're addictive and a good distraction from sucky jobs. A couple other resources of 2.0 sites that you can browse at work:
  • Is this so bad though?

    When I am managing the employess that help me keep up and running I don;t mind if they take a peek at 2.0 sites from time to time. We have had some really good inspiration from sites like Digg.
  • The Internet Addiction Test

    The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery has developed a test so that you can determine if you are spending a tad too much time glued to your computer. See