Sun CTO to HP engineers adrift: We're hiring

Sun CTO to HP engineers adrift: We're hiring

Summary: Here's something you don't see every day.  An executive of one public company -- in this case Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos -- blogging an open letter to the engineers of another public company (HP) inviting them to change employers.

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Here's something you don't see every day.  An executive of one public company -- in this case Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos -- blogging an open letter to the engineers of another public company (HP) inviting them to change employers.  It's been a while since we've seen either of Sun's two highest profile executive bloggers (Papadopoulos or COO and president Jonathan Schwartz) going after HP's jugular but this blog -- a cleverly worded double entendre -- holds no punches back.  In the note, Papadopoulos recounts with fondness how his engineering career got started at HP and, and then proceeds -- under the guise of a job offer to HP's engineers -- to rip the embattled Tier 1 vendor for spending "the last five years chasing other people's business models" and turning its back its research and development roots (that's his opinion, not mine, and one that HP would likely disagree with).   Then comes the marketing message --  Papadopoulos' evidence that R&D is alive and well at Sun  (replete with a list of supposedly R&D-driven solutions).  

The war of words between Sun and HP reached its peak last fall after Schwartz publicly asserted that HP was planning to scuttle its version of Unix (HP-UX).  It was an assertion that HP so vehemently denied that it sent Sun a cease and desist letter.  Escalating the drama in an Eastwoodesque way, Sun -- knowing that a court battle would force HP to open its kimono in ways that no technology company would want to -- basically told HP to go ahead and make its day.  Since then -- as evidenced by a lack of commentary over Carly Fiorina's departure -- Sun's anti-HP rhetoric settled down to a quiet murmur. 

That was until today, of course, with Papa Greg's blog. The best part of his blog however is that he's opened it up to comments.  Last month, both Papadopoulos and Schwartz opened up their blogs to comments (see Schwartz's Free Software has no pirates).   However, whereas Papadopoulos has kept his subsequent entries open to comments, Schwartz has not.

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • Sun is hiring?

    Just what GREAT new project are they marketing? I suppose its possible that Sun is hiring . . . like a total of 2 . . .
    Roger Ramjet

    I just checked the price of the share of Common Stock of Sun Microsystem It is $3.87. Down from the one time price of over $50 may be $100. Sun is not doing that well and it's not for lack of Trying. IBM and Sun are at war with each other competing ffor server dollars by buying Multiple full pages ad space NEW YORK TIMES emphasizing the virtues of their servers and causing the brainless IT executives of Companies to contribute to proliferation of the servers and causing their hardware costs to skyrocket. As a result they spend their costly time figuering out how to curb their server hardware expenses.

    If anything Sun should not hire IT professionals from HP. HP probably is a rival of Sun Microsystem but has no expertise, that one would crow about to offer, that Sun Microsystem can use in return for the high salary it would offer.

    Perhaps some IT professionals at cellphone manufactures can make better use of their time by reading than by applying for a job at HP or at Sun.
  • Give Sun credit.

    Wall Street has been peremptorily ordering Sun to lay off its R&D staff for some time now. Sun may have put two employees in each cubicle and charged them a quarter per 15 minutes to plug their computers into the wall, but the company has kept the R&D staff it needs for longer term survival.

    HP most recently was proudly announcing it would fund only R&D projects that would produce a saleable product almost immediately.

    I can see why Sun would make an offer HP employees can refuse and Sun doesn't have the money to back up.
    Anton Philidor
  • Great Marketing Opportunbity

    Sun hires 50 or so HP Engineers for about $10M. Makes major noise. PR Coup.
  • Sun has been firing and firing!

    to make a few empty slots for HP people!