Sun: We're a Java company, just ask our ticker

Sun: We're a Java company, just ask our ticker

Summary: Sun Microsystems said Thursday that it's changing its ticker from "SUNW" to "JAVA" effective Aug. 27.

TOPICS: Oracle, Open Source

Sun Microsystems said Thursday that it's changing its ticker from "SUNW" to "JAVA" effective Aug. 27.

While this move is largely a gimmick--Is any institutional investor going to push Sun over $5 over a ticker?--the new ticker is an interesting message. The message: Sun is more than storage systems, servers and UNIX--in other words all the stuff that accounts for most of the company's revenue.

In a statement and blog post, CEO Jonathan Schwartz outlines the rationale:

"The Java brand and technology have evolved to be among the most pervasive on the internet, yielding extraordinary awareness for Sun and opportunity for the community that leverages it. More than a billion people across the globe, representing nearly every demographic, market and industry, rely upon Java's security, innovation and value to connect them with opportunity. That awareness positions Sun, and now our investor base, for the future."

All true. But there is one minor detail: Sun doesn't break out Java revenue. We have no idea how Sun monetizes the technology or makes its quarters with it. Ed Burnette notes that Java is programming heaven, but show us the money.

Sun's Java spiel is sort of along the lines of its old Webtone pitch in noting that Java is everywhere. Every PC and most embedded systems. Sun adds:

Sun today generates license revenues from Java technology, but more significantly derives revenue from the software, storage, servers, services and microelectronics that power the datacenters behind global Java deployments -- whether on handsets, personal computers, or in the network. Sun believes its business is advantaged by such exposure, and the change in ticker symbol more effectively connects it with the marketplace.

In other words, Java is the pulse of Sun. I'd still like to see a Java revenue breakdown though.

Topics: Oracle, Open Source

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  • Solaris was better than Java

    Java is merely on of many add ons that bloat many PCs.
    Linux Geek
  • See comments on Jonathans blog

    There are a lot of angry comments on Jonathans blog. Many see this as a marketing gimmick that will cost a lot of money. Meanwhile lots of people were let go during the recent layoffs.

    Im not a marketing guy so I dont see the value here either. SUNW or JAVA, who cares?
    • Well, SunW is obsolete...

      ... except to Mr. Murphy, but the company has chosen to rename itself after a product it sacrificed as a PR stunt. Implies the slogan Sun can't lose enough money... or staff!
      Anton Philidor
  • Expand your horizon

    I'm not that hasty in downplaying Sun's move. Those of us who have looked at Sun as a hardware vendor loosing value may now change their perspective by just realizing that the there is more Sun out there then just hardware. We should give Sun the benefit of the doubt and wait and see how they are going to capitalize on their "open" software. We knew all along that Java is Sun's, but now we just might become aware of it.