Sun's ZFS coming to Mac OS X

Sun's ZFS coming to Mac OS X

Summary: During a presentation yesterday in Washington D.C.


During a presentation yesterday in Washington D.C., Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz said his company's open-source file system, ZFS, will be introduced into Mac OS X. ZFS, the 128-bit file system at the core of Sun's Solaris operating system, will be come the default file system for the Mac OS X, Schwartz said, during his presentation. Apple will discuss the adoption of ZFS at its Worldwide Developers Conference this month. The target Mac OS will be Leopard, version 1o.5, which is due later this year. Techmeme has more.

schwartzzfs.jpg Watch the video

Topics: Apple, Hardware, Operating Systems

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  • So how does SUN make money from this?

    Jonathan side-stepped around this the video. ZFS is great and I wonder how much engineering time SUN invested in this project. Will they see a return on their investment? Is Apple paying them royalties?