Telcos putting kibosh on a la carte DSL?

Telcos putting kibosh on a la carte DSL?

Summary: A recent blog entry by Peter Rojas over...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

A recent blog entry by Peter Rojas over at

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Cable companies discourage a la carte Internet as well.

    In SW Florida, Comcast also bundles Internet with their premium cable service. So its cost-prohibitive if you want to use Satellite TV and still have broadband access via cable. The cost if you attempt to 'un-bundle' is much greater, and once you 'un-bundle', you cannot ever go back to the 'bungled' package.

    Verizon is making noise about their FIOS system, VOIP, Internet and TV via fiber... but so far its just noise. Widespread availability is years away for most of us.
  • Telcos are shooting themselves in the head!

    The telcos are whining to the FCC that they cannot compete but in reality, they are acting anti-competitively. Almost three years ago, I had to make a choice between keeping dial-up service from my DSL-capable ISP or switching to broadband service from my cable company. I chose broadband.

    Why? Because SBC wants to sell its own DSL service.

    Since SBC has been unable to get the Indiana Regulatory Commission to allow them to restrict access to their copper by local ISPs, they have been dragging their feet on providing DSL-capabilities in most residential neighborhoods.

    Some customers have even been told that they are actively "filtering out" DSL in locations where distance is not a problem.

    Rather than serving the best interests of the community SBC is in effect choosing to allow the local cable company, Insight Communications, to retain its monopoly status in the area of high-speed internet access. This keeps broadband prices at artificially high prices.

    Ironically, SBC doesn't see that by not building out their technology they are doing more harm to themselves long-term than they are to their competition in the short-term! I now deal with SBC as little as possible. I buy local service from SBC only because I have to -- and SBC is on my short list of services providers to dump!
    M Wagner
  • never had the option and don't really think i'm missing much. when i

    decided a few years ago that i didn't want to pay $24/month for dialup, i looked at all the alternatives. there was satellite, cable, and dsl. none of them offered just the broadband. i probably would have chosen satellite if it was not bundled with a new pc from radio shack as the only purchase option. if i could have gotten just broadband on cable and not forced to buy their video service also and it had not been, and still is, a party line, i probably would have gone cable. but since i already had and needed a phone, i chose dsl. but i chose dsl mostly for the privacy. anybody with the software can listen in on cable and satellite far easier than dsl. my choice was not based on some preconcieved bias against a provider like some people.

    but at least i had a choice.

    bundled or not, i had a choice.