Teradata buys Aprimo for $525 million

Teradata buys Aprimo for $525 million

Summary: Teradata said Wednesday that it will acquire marketing software company Aprimo for $525 million.

TOPICS: Banking

Teradata said Wednesday that it will acquire marketing software company Aprimo for $525 million.

With the move, Teradata is looking to meld its analytics technology and cloud-based marketing performance applications. Teradata also plans to us Aprimo's knowledge of software as a service to broaden its product portfolio.

In a statement, Teradata said the combination of its data warehousing and analytics products with Aprimo's marketing software will allow customers to streamline marketing efforts and branding.  Aprimo's software covers everything from brand and campaign management to email marketing, leads and perforamnce analysis.

According to Teradata, Aprimo will be integrated into Teradata's operations and remain a brand.

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter and modestly add to Teradata's earnings.

On a conference call, Teradata CEO Mike Koehler said:

The opportunity with Aprimo is to have a best-in-class, end-to-end marketing solution that cuts across analytics, campaign management and lots of things Teradata is doing today . Marketing has always been a core of Teradata. Traditionally, it has been the entry point. You look at the historicals of our strong positions in telcos and retail banking and retail, lots of work done with the marketing organizations and we see this as just a tremendous opportunity to even cut beyond having a single version of the truth and eliminating silos of information that exist in many corporations and getting an integration and eliminating silos of marketing processes and systems and automation.

Topic: Banking

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  • RE: Teradata buys Aprimo for $525 million

    WOW! (Not really).
  • RE: Teradata buys Aprimo for $525 million

    It has some locals (Indy) somewhat concerned as Teradata has said they'll keep the HQ here, but no one knows where the actual jobs will be located.
    Mihi Nomen Est
  • RE: Teradata buys Aprimo for $525 million

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