The beauty of the 'Boss button'

The beauty of the 'Boss button'

Summary: CBS Sportsline has streaming video thing down for this year's March Madness. No hiccups.

TOPICS: Tech Industry

CBS Sportsline has streaming video thing down for this year's March Madness. No hiccups. Quick wait times and almost TV-like video. 

But all the best part is the 'Boss button,' which brings up a mock spreadsheet whenever someone walks by. Pretty comical even though it's probably not that terribly effective. 


March Madness is a major productivity killer and CBS Sportsline is  making sure you whittle away as much time as possible. 

This gallery shows what happens when you hit the Boss button.


Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Re: The beauty of the 'Boss button'

    The car talk guys had the boss button how many years ago?

    none none
  • As old as computers.

    The first "boss" button I saw was the ASCII game, Rogue. (which I STILL occasionally play, after 20+ years!)

    F10 displays a fake MS-DOS prompt.
    • And dont forget

      The old Gato game had a boss button. it would bring up a fake lotus 123 spreadsheet
  • Um....

    If a company is concerned that their employees are wasting company resources to watch CBS sports, doesn't it seem likely they'd just have their IT staff drop a rule into the firewall and block access to the streaming CBS feeds?
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • Shhhhhhh...

      Don't give them any ideas.
  • Real professional, huh?

    ZDNet wants cred from business? Yet encourages the wasting of paid time?? Nice're lookin' like the cream of the crop here.
    • You seem a bit uptight

      Do you have employees that you are worrying about?

      I think it's a funny story, and a little humor mixed in with business is not a terrible thing. Lighten up.

      Now if anyone were to actually spend all day watching the videos at work, well I don't think they'd be long for that job anyway.
    • Lighten up dude!!

      I didn't read anything in the article that said people should spend their workday on the web site. They pretty much just reported what was out there. That's ZDNet's job.

      If this article is all it takes for some business owner to get angry then I predict that they will experience a heart attack before too long so who cares what they think?
  • I remember those

    Ah, yes, brings back memories of old DOS games :).

    These days, the "boss" key is Alt+Tab ;).
  • Sometimes "The Boss" is the worst offender but...

    I once worked for a very large international company in which no boss button was ever needed. Why? because the biggest sports fanatic was the company VP. (The highest ranking company officer that actually had an office at ourlocation). Every year, he charged me with organizing the company fantasy football league. A four hour event (including player drafts) held inside the conference room on company time. He paid for televisions out of his own pocket to be installed in the employee lounge. Extended lunches and breaks were allowed during big games. And yes I was in charge also of the office pools and all sports related company sponsered events. However; I must say that this type of unconventional leniency did not go unrepaid. Every single one of our 250 plus employees busted their butts for this guy. There was very little if any dissention or complaining. People would voluntarily work OT to get the job done if required. The unity and loyalty rivaled anything you could find in Japan. Company profits soared and market share increases outpaced all competitors threefold. Part of that was due to having a great product, and a good marketing plan, however, I credit most of this company's success to the fine employees which which were happy across the board due to fair pay and extremely lenient working conditions! All driven by a March Madness Fanatic!