The domestication of biotech

The domestication of biotech

Summary: Renown physicist Freeman Dyson and his son George, a historian of technology, talked about how biotechnology will shape the 21st...

TOPICS: Tech Industry

Renown physicist Freeman Dyson and his son George, a historian of technology, talked about how biotechnology will shape the 21st century

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Basically IBM knows that it's crap!

    Basically IBM does not believe in desktop Linux! OpenOffice has nothing to do with web-service where Linux is good at. Linux is no way close to be desktop.

    Spending developer time will be down the drain.
  • Stupidity of Sun blabbermouths continually reaches new lows

    So Sun puts out OpenOffice using a license that allows Sun to suck free developer time into their proprietary StarOffice, while giving the community the free OpenOffice. Fair enough.

    But then to suggest that IBM, which has a product, Lotus, which competes with StarOffice, should contribute free code to OpenOffice, so that Sun can use it for StarOffice, is stupidity beyond description.

    This is as dumb as when Schwartz said Red Hat was proprietary.

    Sun actually puts out some really strong products that are worth consideration. However, they keep proving that they are a bunch of mud-slinging blabbermouths that can't be trusted. They don't seem to realize that when you buy a company's product, you also buy a business relationship with that company. And acting like untrustworthy knuckleheads is detrimental to making customers want to have a business relationship with them.

    Sun is still losing money (even though they've slowed down the bleeding). They are doomed unless they can start acting like mature, intelligent adults that CIOs and IT managers can trust, no matter how good of a product they put out.
  • Get the facts first

    Before you write a story about what others write maybe you should get the facts from them first. Talk to Louis or Simon about what they meant. Looking at Simon's quote someone could have asked him "Why doesn't IBM contribute to OpenOffice?" and then that response would have been appropriate. Louis has been misquoted recently in other online articles.
    You very well could be right in what they said, but be responsible and check first.
  • Too much journalistic spin

    Looks to me more like it's you - the journalistic community - who are trying to stir things up.

    I don't follow the logic of Sun's critics. On the one hand, Sun are comdemned (wrongly, because they're doing no such thing) for trying to use licensing to keep control of projects, on the other hand they're criticised for trying to expand membership of their projects.

    And the criticsim of joint copyright assignment is nonsense. Such copyright assignment is standard in such projects (Apache are just the same).
    • JCA

      <i>And the criticsim of joint copyright assignment is nonsense.</i>

      I disagree - a JCA with the Apache Foundation is different than a JCA that assigns copyright to Sun so that Sun can include the software into a proprietary product.
    • whos project again??

      the key phrase here is "expand membership of 'their' projects".. as in get another company to donate code to them.. and you see nothing strange about this?? What world do you live in?? Let the Sun drop the "give us the code too" condition & watch how many people would contribute to Open Office!

      p.s. my house needs painting.. want to come by and do it for me??
    • Good Post

      That was really funny. It reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons.

      "First, you didn't want to buy a pony, now you want me to take it back. Make up your mind." Homer