The vertical CRM challenge: Siebel vs.

The vertical CRM challenge: Siebel vs.

Summary: In the hot hosted-applications, on-demand, ASP, software-as-a-service CRM area, Siebel Systems has been a laggard.


In the hot hosted-applications, on-demand, ASP, software-as-a-service CRM area, Siebel Systems has been a laggard.

Topic: Enterprise Software

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  • Top 5 comparison?

    Your article is as insightful as they always are, Dan - thanks for the interesting read. I've been curious to see an analysis of when customers would choose each of the big 6 CRM providers: when would someone choose over Siebel OnDemand, or over MS CRM and other players? I've searched on the web, but the only analyses I can find are not at all subjective.

    I'd love to see an analysis of which tool a better deal, for which user sizes, depending on how much flexibility is required, whether the customer wants to own their data or host it, how mature the product is, etc. Any tips on where I can find a good perspective on this? Thanks!
  • Hosted vertical CRM solutions does not offer any vertical solutions with pre-packaged embedded best practices.

    Siebel on the other hand, does not make its industrial solutions part of their ondemand (hosted) offering. was the first to offer a real automotive ondemand CRM solution, and is releasing more than 32 CRM vertical solutions by end of second quarter 2006.
  • CRM verticals a must

    The power behind vertical CRM solutions comes from the fact that the CRM vendor himself shares the knowledge of the vertical with the customers via the solution. Best practices in any vertical are gained with experience. When you opt in for a wealth management CRM solution from Siebel, or you are enjoying the knowledge these vendors gained from other wealth management organizations using the system. When you opt in for a fully customizable platform you must use your own knowledge of the industry which could be flawed.

    Customization on the other hand is not the same as an ecosystem. An ecosystem is a place for companies to leverage a customizable platform to deploy applications (via customization), where as customization is needed by any company to automate processes, not necessarily to create new applications for sale.

    And honestly with SOA platforms and web services APIs, eventually customization-via-programming will almost disappear and configuration-based customization is the future. I believe a successful CRM vendor will focus on a configuration-based platform while deploying vertical CRM solutions at the same time.