The year in review and a look forward

The year in review and a look forward

Summary: This week on the Dan & David Show, we look at the year in review and make a few forecasts into the future. What was the biggest story of the year?

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This week on the Dan & David Show, we look at the year in review and make a few forecasts into the future. What was the biggest story of the year?  It wasn't Google buying YouTube and other companies or Microsoft getting Vista in play or battery recalls or Intel Macs or merger mania or blogowikimania or 2.0 (Web, Enterprise, Office) or the rise of on demand software or price per watt. It was, unfortunately, the HP's pretexting, spying scandal.  

In the coming year, look for more consolidation, platform ecosystem evolution, open source growth and the continued disruption of traditional business models. I rant about Yahoo's email money page and David is suffering from having a site black listed.

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Topic: Browser

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  • No comments yet?

    I guess most people would prefer to read this rather than watch it. D- score for zdnet on this c.r.a.p.
    • dito

      I look all over to have the story in text
    • Hmm webpage - text - html

      streaming video is blocked at work and mp3s will get you a reprimand the *1st* time out. It goes rapidly downhill after that.

      You guys want eyeballs? put it in "print".
    • agreed

      Ditto on that, I came to find a list with brief synopsis' .. This isn't news, it's fluffy opinions, and thus I wouldn't spend too much of my time on this, and since it's a mandatory listen and set amount of time, I'm out.
  • Booooooooring...

    Maybe it is because I got less than a minute into the cast, and I shut it off. I could only take it so long...
  • Are you serious?

    Well, of [b]course[/b] you are serious. You just need a serious adjustment to your
    blinders. The HP story is a 'tech' story only because a) it involves a company in the
    tech sector and b) it involves, in part, the use of technology. Seriously! This is a [b]
    Business[/b] story, it is a [b]Crime[/b] story, it is many things - just not a real [b]
    Technology[/b] story. The Core 2 Duo, or the decision to build a Moon Base/go to
    Mars, or ... there are a hundred Technology stories that are far more important
    than the shenanigans in HP's corporate headquarters.

    DLMeyer - the Voice of [url=]G.L.Horton's Stage
    • Even if you consider it tech...

      And even if you get past the fact that it's not truly a technology story, it still did not spark as much press, move an industry, and cause as much of an economic impact as Google buying Youtube, Web 2.0, Intel's Core2Duo savior, or any other number of important news this year.
  • HP the"biggest" story?

    You really, really think so? This sound more like "The Insider" than ZDNet. Since when was HP the biggest anything?
  • HP "Story" is Not a Tech subject.

    It is a clear example, or perhaps a more mediatic one, of what is going on in several companies arround the world, the total loss of values, the loss of notion of dignity and correct professional behaviour.
    A shamefull event, but definatelly not a tech event.
    About the email server David. The online RBL black list are the most tested and old system to control and try to contain massive large-scale Spam operations.
    -> They Are Fundamental to The Internet as we know it. It is not a perfect process, but they prevent a lot of Spam.
    A thing you, and everyone else, do not like.
    If your domain has been sending spam maybe you should First look at the relay configuration of your email server -> before <- doing the last thing any human being with a functional brain should do in this case ... call the laywer to sue the RBL operators, most of them do this Tremendously important role for free!!!
    And they DO unlist your ip as soon as there is no more reports regarding the open - relay configuration!
    It is one of the more tested systems on the web. Everyone uses the RBL online lists with all sorts of server, from sendmail, postfix and the like.
    A Merry Christmas an a Happy new year.