Total cost and feature chart: iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre vs. Android G1

Total cost and feature chart: iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre vs. Android G1

Summary: There's never been as many solid choices in smartphone market than there are right now. Here's a chart that compares the features and total costs of three of these smartphones: iPhone 3G S, Palm Pre, and Google Android G1.


Many original iPhone adopters have their contracts ending this summer and many others are simply looking to take the plunge on a new smartphone. There's never been as many solid choices in smartphone market than there are right now with the new Palm Pre and iPhone 3G S, plus the Google Android G1, the Nokia N97, the BlackBerry Bold, and the BlackBerry Curve 8900., which runs a Web site dedicated to helping consumers save money on their every day bills, has put together an excellent chart (see below) comparing the features and total cost of the iPhone 3G S, Palm Pre, and Google Android G1.

This comparison is based on unlimited data, unlimited voice, and unlimited text messaging. The iPhone comes in as the most costly device at $3800 over two years. The Palm Pre was the cheapest at $2600, with the G1 falling in the middle at $3150.

It should be noted that the Palm Pre really shines because of Sprint's All-Everything plan, as Sam Diaz recently noted. If you don't need unlimited voice or texting, but just unlimited data, the wireless costs of the three phones (and the different carriers) are actually pretty close in cost, as you can see in this comaprison of the iPhone and Palm Pre by Barron's.

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IT departments that buy any of these phones in bulk will get better pricing on both hardware and group plans, but this chart is still useful for individuals and small businesses that purchase smartphones at retail.

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  • Sprint service plan

    The Sprint service plan is one of the big factors that makes the Palm Pre attractive...aside from the Pre's great design.

    This comment is from someone in the Android camp. I pay compliments, when compliments are due.
  • Palm Pre would be good except for Sprint.

    To say that their customer service is terrible is an understatement. In fact, it's an insult to companies that have customer service that is only terrible.
    • Typical Bigotry From A FANBOY

      YOU don't have a clue.You are repeating the same bigotry the MSM pushes on anyone they do not like. Have been on all the networks and Sprint has been the Best! You bigots disgust me!!
      • What are you blathering on about?

        Sprint lost me as a customer for the rest of my life because of their (and I'm being kind) <a href="">execrable</a> customer service.

        As for me supposedly being some sort of fanboy, for which network is it that I'm supposed to be a fanboy?

        Or is it that I'm supposed to be a fanboy for Palm? I'm not. My Nokia N79 meets my needs just fine.
    • It's gotten better recently

      My wife recently had a charge for $75 reversed. Her new phone has a flaw that dials the Internet for a firmware update over and over again, and that's not part of her phone plan. They originally were going to charge us until we asked to speak to a 2nd-level supervisor, who looked at our history, acknowledge the possible phone flaw, and zeroed out the charge.

      We are a two year customer of Sprint, and they have ALWAYS been responsive to what I have needed.

      Newsflash: the days of ignorant Sprint-bashing is over, with efforts from Sprint to satisfy their longer-termed customer base. Sprint has inertia working against them, but they aren't sunk yet.
  • How about number of available apps?

    • yeah, there are numerous palm classic apps

      should count some, right?
    • Yeah, I wouldn't go there...

      One look at the PalmOS VOLUMES of apps available, you'll be wanting to eat your own question. Sorry, bud.
      • Wouldn't go there

        Couldn't agree more with dcoaster. I mean who cares about the ability to have email open, calendar open, and contacts open at the same time? I can get the fart app and the beer app only through iphone.
        • Hah Hah Hah LOL

          Well pull my finger.
    • So you think Windows is better than Mac then?

      By your reasoning the platform with the most apps is the best.

      Hmmmm didn't think so...
  • Android's multitasking isn't even close to what Pre has to offer

    brand them all together is misleading.
    • False!!!

      Multi-tasking is multi-tasking which is the ability to run multiple applications at the same time. Android even goes as far as to manage the running apps for you in the background. WebOS leaves it up to you and leads to potential choking of memory.

      What you probably are thinking about is the way you switch between apps. And that is basically the same thing on both. WebOS just shows you whats running. Android devices don't need to as it doesn't matter if the app is actually running or not.
  • NT

  • Why didn't they pick HTC Dream instead of G1?

    What's the point of comparing 1 year old phone with the brand new ones?
    • why didn't they include the diamond2 ftm

      many of the "new" features on these phones have been available for years on the windows mobile platform and are superior to those offered by any of these. for example, 3mp camera is bested by diamond2's 5mp (and blow away by the Samsung M8910's 12mp). i expect this kind of intentional ignoring of superior competition in iphone ads, but for a comparison article it's rather sad.
      Edward Virtually
    • I think you mean the Magic....

      ...but it doesn't matter anyway.

      Eventually people will realize that what you are comparing for the most part are the OSes. The HTC Magic runs the same version of Android that has been updated on the G1.
    • Well the HTC Dream and G1 are one in the...

      same. Dream was the early name for it.
  • how about just a voice plan?

    with wifi hot spots all over the place I want to be able to buy one of these phones without a data plan. Why do I want to pay so much for a less than stellar service? That's the main reason I won't be buying any of these phones in the near future.
  • nice graphic but iPhone 3GS maxes out at 32GB not 16GB nt.