U.S. sales ban goes into effect on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

U.S. sales ban goes into effect on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Summary: Apple had to pay $2.6 million bond to secure Samsung from potential financial damages, but posted it no more than five hours --- seeing a near immediate ban on sales in all U.S. outlets.


Apple has posted a $2.6 million bond to secure a sales injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

According to FOSS Patents author Florian Mueller, Apple "didn't hesitate" to post the bond, and posted the sum no more than five hours after the court ruled on Wednesday.

To think that Apple pulled in more than $39 billion in revenue during the last quarter, it took little effort in the Cupertino-based technology giant to cough up the amount necessary to enforce the sales ban.

The bond was required to secure the sales ban, and will go towards protecting Samsung from financial harm should the injunction later prove to be invalid or overturned by a higher court.

Samsung must now abide by the sales ban, which will see all Galaxy Tab 10.1 products removed from store shelves, or face contempt of court charges.

Samsung failed to request a stay on the injunction while it appeals to the Federal Circuit and asked for an expedited hearing for this Friday.

Considering the Korean-based smartphone giant has a wide array of tablets --- including its successor, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 --- its overall tablet market share and sales are not likely to be vastly impacted. However, the injunction does strengthen Apple's case as it seeks further injunctions in other jurisdictions around the world.

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  • such bs

    The tablet is not even the same format as the iPad. This ban is literally ludicrous. I wonder when samsung will say enough is enough and just quit making things for apple all together. Then we will see whos products are on the shelves.
    • Design/trade dress legislation have nothing to do with format

      If you will start selling animation with slightly taller Micky Mouse, you are going to be bankrupt since Disney will sue you to death.

      As to the article: "Considering the Korean-based smartphone giant has a wide array of tablets ??? including its successor, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 ??? its overall tablet market share and sales are not likely to be vastly impacted."

      Considering that all of Samsung's tablets are like five percent of the market, even if Apple got ban on all of them [b]neither the market, nor Samsung itself would feel the difference.[/b]
    • Challenge the patents

      Samsung has started this process in Australia.
      Expect them to do the same here.
      • Samsung have started what exactly.

        It is Apple who have started to shift supply away from Samsung to Sharp, etc.
    • Sure thing...

      You should become a CEO.

      You have no idea. Todays friend is tomorrows enemy is tomorrows friend again. Always has been...always will be. The game my friend is making money and all will be forgotten in two years time.
  • Let's apply some recent headlines to this news event

    Is iPad Apple's last-gasp pitch to keep North America iOS-only?

    Apple poisons its partners
    • Partner...

      I do not think Samsung is a partner. They are a supplier for Apple...nothing more.

      A partner does not try and cut the lunch of another partner.
  • letter to Apple

    Dear Apple,
    The assembly line that manufactures iPad and iPhone parts is broken. We expect to have production running again by January 2014.
    Have a nice day,
    • Great idea....

      What better way of showing the industry you are a reliable supplier of components.

      Samsungs days are numbered either way because Google are trying to cut them out of the Android revenue stream and companies like Foxconn have them in their sights as a cheap component manufacturer.

      Samsung think they can be more than a component supplier of the industry because they want to extract more profit by taking away value from company's like Google. They have become Sony but just like Sony they will be replaced by some other company.
      • Samsung days are numbered?

        Your kidding right? Do you really know just how big they are?
        Just 2 examples.
        1:Samsung Electronics (the world's largest information technology company measured by 2011 revenues),
        2:Samsung Heavy Industries (the world's second-largest shipbuilder measured by 2010 revenues)

        They make Apple look like a tonka toy company. lol
        • Apple is going Thermo-nuclear - and will pay to illegally block competition

          Apple is stupid and will pay a price for trying to strongarm the competition. It is ridiculous that a court would allow an injunction against Samsung - just plain stupid.
          I hope Google will throw it's weight into a countersuit and smash Apple into pieces.
  • nice photo of the ipad clone

    And what is to stop apple from culling all competition? After all, Atari created the video cartridge system and didn't take out its competition at the time....
  • Make the Galaxy Tablet 8.9 instead

    So since they can't sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the USA, they should instead put Android 4.1 on the hard-to-find Galaxy Tab 8.9. Nicer size anyway.
  • Apple patented a rectangle.

    Simply, a rectangle. Nothing more. You can patent anything if you put forth the money and effort. ............a friggin' rectangle. Sheesh.
    • Being late

      You could have patented the rectangle before Apple and now request ban of the iPad... but, you didn't.

      You failed all of us! Shame on you!
    • I think you're simplifying things a little too much

      It's a rectangle with curved edges!! :-P
    • The patent system is out of date

      Someday Apple will patent the name "OBAMA" and Mr President will be sued immediately after for using their patented word as his name.

      The generic things of nature should not go into the patent record.