Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

Summary: Verizon, claiming that the ban of Samsung devices in the U.S. would slow the adoption of its high-speed network, is weighing in on the Apple-Samsung patent row.

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The U.S.' largest mobile provider, Verizon, has sided with Samsung as Apple pursues its case to ban some of Samsung's handsets in the country.

Many of Samsung's phones run on high-speed networks. If Apple's injunction goes ahead to ban a select number of Samsung's phones, Verizon will struggle in adopting its high-speed network to end users, it is argued.

Samsung phones are the most popular devices in the United States. By banning the sales of certain Samsung devices, combined with the end-game goal of a higher adoption than other networks, Verizon would struggle to gain its projected marketshare of high-speed subscribers if Samsung were to be faced with a sales injunction.

In the court filing, Verizon argues: "The accused Samsung devices are among the few products that can access Verizon Wireless's next-generation high-speed network." It also states that a slowed high-speed network deployment would be "contrary to the stated goals of the U.S. government".

Though Verizon continues to sell iPhones, it also sells the Samsung Droid Charge, which is compatible with its 4G network.

Apple sued Samsung in April, asking for a ban of its devices in the U.S., as Verizon only recently submitted its filing ahead of a hearing in mid-October.

Other high-speed networks and cellular carriers, such as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have yet to weigh in on the case, should they wish to.

Apple and Samsung have locked horns over the past year over allegations that devices and hardware components infringe one another's patents or design models, leading to widespread suing and counter-suing in over twenty countries to date.

Last month, Apple won an injunction against Samsung in Germany, banning the sale of its Galaxy Tab tablets -- a symbolic victory, which could take precedence in other jurisdictions around the world.

Though Apple's victory came at a great cost for Samsung, the phone giant is countering every threat it faces.

Samsung is currently fighting off a number of lawsuits in different regions, one including the Netherlands. The phone manufacturer is seeking a ban on 3G-enabled iPhones and iPads, stating that Apple infringed its networking patents.


Topics: Apple, Samsung, Verizon

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  • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

    Not a surprise at all! When do you think we will see an LTE iPhone? And when do you think Verizon will get it (clue! after AT&T). There goes!
    • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

      @prasanna_vps Actually, if the rumors are true, Apple is supposed to be working on One phone that will work on both Networks. Personally I think that would be cool, being able to use your phone on either Network, would give the consumer a bargaining chip.
      • Apple has no interest in that

        Why would Apple want to create a phone that can move between networks? A consumer would not need to purchase a new iPhone if they wished to switch carriers, at which point Apple would lose sales.

        it is not a logical (nor typical of Apple )
        Tim Cook
    • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

      I doubt they will let consumers have the choice to switch without buying another iPhone. They will probably just lock the phones to the selling carrier.
    • I thought competition in a "free market" was .....

      ... suppose to be Nirvana?
      What happened Apple?
  • time for apple to butt off

    the writing is on the wall: apple is doomed in its frivolous lawsuits.
    The Linux Geek
    • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

      @The Linux Geek

      It's going to be several years before any of these lawsuits are permanently decided. It took 8 years to dismiss "The SCO Group" erroneous lawsuits, for example.
  • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

    Verizon just confirmed it, no LTE iPhone this time around! If Apple had an LTE phone coming then Verizon wouldn't care.

    This also makes a ton of sense because adding LTE to fastest phone on the market (yes Galaxy S2 is even more powerful than the iPad 2) would ultimately hurt Apple's sales and they know it (look at Thunderbolt vs iPhone 4, Verizon confirmed Thunderbolt was the better seller thanks to LTE)!
    • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

      @Peter Perry <br>Have you seen the so calle dspecs on the IPHONE 5. If they hold true then your SG II your so found of compare.
      Like i said Peter you hav ebeen here talking of apples demise way to much. I said it before ill say it again. Put your money were your mouth is. If The Iphones 5 crushes records again will you stop coming to apple threads and posting your hate?
      You better hope the Iphone does not sell good on china mobile because if it does I would hate to see you blow a gasket over it.
  • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

    Verizon would be wise to keep out of this fight. Apple's injunctions do not prevent 4G adoption. They prevent blatant clones which heavily leverage Apple's IP that also happen to have 4G from getting to market. There's a difference. Samsung has a choice which includes shipping 4G phones that don't look so much like iPhones, but they choose not to. Nobody likes to see lawsuits, but even more people don't like to see theft. Both are unpleasant.
    • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

      @techconc SO true.

      Doesnt Nortels patents cover 4G tech? Wasnt sure what was included in it.
    • RE: Verizon sides with Samsung in Apple patent spat

      @techconc Too late. It is Apple that should never have started the fight against an Open-Source system. Because, unlike proprietary systems, Open Source has friends in many places. Apple has stirred the hornets' nest, now it must be prepared to get stung.
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