VMware nabs turnkey desktop cloud provider Wanova

VMware nabs turnkey desktop cloud provider Wanova

Summary: VMware is building out its end user product portfolio with the acquisition of turnkey desktop cloud provider Wanova.


VMware has acquired Wanova, a turnkey desktop cloud solution provider, in what looks like a move to compliment some of its existing virtual desktop and end user product portfolio.

San Jose-based Wanova has developed a cloud-based platform that is touted to simplify the management of desktop images while providing desktop continuity -- especially for distributed and mobile PCs.

Thus, VMware plans to integrate its VMware View enterprise virtual desktop infrastructure with Wanova’s Mirage distribution software to develop a new kind of user interface experience for employees across multiple devices and platforms. This means universal access and seamless transitions between all types of endpoints, whether its physical or virtual, desktop or laptop, or Mac or PC.

Jeff Jennings, vice president of the enterprise desktop unit at VMware, asserted in prepared remarks that this merger has the potential to even "redefine the desktop virtualization landscape."

By blurring the boundaries of virtual vs. physical desktops, the benefits of central image management and persistent user installed applications can be extended to all systems within a business -- physical, virtual, tethered desktops, or roaming Mac and PC laptops.

Furthermore, with the combination of these two products, VMware is promising a more efficient method for complete syncing, storing and management all elements of a user's desktop image in the company's private cloud. That's because VMware also boasts desktop streaming and layering technology will provide for quicker recovery and repair rates for all endpoints.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.


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  • Curses

    Pity ... the Wanova product (first notified on ZDNET by Ken Hess) looked like a value alternative to full desktop virtualisation.

    After purchase by VMWare I expect all the value to disappear and it to reemerge as part of VMware's expensive portfolio.

    It would be an interesting exercise to compare before ... and after absorbtion into the BORG collective. I suspect resistance is futile.