VMware's Socialcast encourages employees to say 'Thanks'

VMware's Socialcast encourages employees to say 'Thanks'

Summary: Instead of simply acknowledging that you "like" something, Socialcast users can now say "Thanks" to their colleagues on the VMware-backed social network.


Socialcast, VMware's business-minded social network, is ramping up with a new feature designed to enhance and customize the user experience for customers and their employees.

That new function is the friendly-sounding "Thanks," which is a premium feature that enables employees to instantly offer some recognition and gratitude within their social networks in the workplace.

The idea is that this will not only boost employee morale but also increase employee engagement.

Tim Young, vice president of social enterprise at VMware, explained the inspiration for Thanks in a statement:

Last year in the process of analyzing community behavior, we noticed that people were using hash tags in the company stream to publicly recognize co-workers. We polled our product, design, and internal user psychology teams and Socialcast Thanks emerged.

There is a significant body of research indicating that expressing gratitude at work delivers bottom line results. Our goal is to provide our customers with a simple, fun, yet powerful way to publicly recognize the contributions people make every day that drive the business forward.

Instead of simply acknowledging that you "like" something, Socialcast users can send Thanks by choosing from a library of custom badges created by the company. These badges are touted as custom-made because they are intended to reflect whatever the company's culture might be.

Badges can then be enabled by anyone designated as a Thanks administrator.

Socialcast Thanks can also be integrated into other enterprise apps (i.e. Sharepoint, CRM, Intranets, Wikis, etc.) via Socialcast Reach.

Screenshot via The Socialcast Blog


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  • Sorry, but no thanks

    Having been on the receiving end of Socialcast for the past couple of years, I'll pass on this.

    Having genuinely tried to use Social cast, I have to say it has as much to do with workplace productivity as Facebook does to having friends (Within the meaning of friends, rather than people who appear on your pages). i.e., nothing at all.

    As far as my experience goes, Socialcast has been distracting, intensely irritating and has disrupted a couple of important jobs. It has offered almost nothing beyond a stream of "Hi Fred" "Welcome Bob", "Hi Sally", "Hi Tom".

    One of our reps insists on using it, which has resulted in him being marginalised because the tool can't function as a business tool (as distinct from being an executive toy)

    If I want to say something, I will use email which is properly secure and which I can addd to a specific archive associated with a specific project.

    Fight now, I can't wait for the thing to be removed from the corporate network.