What gives? Why is Motorola dissing Google on Android mobile search?

What gives? Why is Motorola dissing Google on Android mobile search?

Summary: Motorola keeps picking search engines other than Google for its Android phones.


When it comes to the relationship between Motorola and Google, it seems that the lovefest may be waning. First came news that the Motorola Backflip, AT&T's first smartphone to be powered by Google's Android operating system, would use Yahoo - not Google - as the default search engine on that device.

Now comes news that Motorola has partnered with Microsoft's Bing to power search and maps Chinese Android phones.

What gives? Why is Motorola slapping Google around like this? Was there a falling out between the two?

I've been using a loaner Motorola Droid for a couple of months now and have to say that the search experience - especially in the maps app - is top notch. I can't say with any sort of certainty that the experience could be better or worse if Bing or Yahoo were the search engine. But I can say that the integration between Google services - from mail and calendar to maps and search - has been good.

Maybe Google should be taking this as the ultimate compliment. Maybe Android is such a great mobile OS and the potential for it to dominate the smartphone market is so strong, that Yahoo and Microsoft had  to find a way to tap into that gold mine.

Obviously, I don't know that anyone at Yahoo or Microsoft is saying that. But it's got to be a better explanation for what's happening between Google and Motorola than the alternative, that Motorola is simply dissing Google.

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  • I wouldnt say its waning...

    HOWEVER, the choice to neuter the Backflip was AT&T's choice. Yahoo/Bing will NEVER find its way on my Moto DRoid or any future phone. I hate those searches and the google integration is top-notch. Also note that the Moto Devour (on Big Red) features full google integration. I believe we are seeing a carrier choice, not handset manufacturer.
    • With the "shot fired over the bow" from Apple

      with the whole patent suit (targeted towards Google), maybe Motorola doesn't want to get [i]too[/i] close to Google.

      This way all of it's egg aren't in Googles's one basket.
      John Zern
      • and some other no-name company

        has sued Apple, Moto, et. all over "smart phone" patents (IE>Touchscreen). The Apple suit means nothing, just like the other company suing everyone. It will be ruled vauge and obvious and everyone can be happy again.
    • AT&T?

      I believe that is a correct interpretation. AT&T
      has been pot shotting Google for some time now.
      And it might even go further back in the chain to
      Mr iPhone. Even MS seems to have learned to mute
      the dissing of the competition, Apple and AT&T
      etc. still do not see that there can only be
      negative results from that. Like begets Like,
      negative attracts negative.
    • Re:I wouldnt say its waning...

      HOWEVER, the choice to neuter the Backflip was AT&T's choice. Google will NEVER find its way on my phone.Google is horrible and unethical.
  • RE: What gives? Why is Motorola dissing Google on Android mobile search?

    has anyone considered that the choice to use Bing has something to do with Google's fight with the Chinese gov?
    • Right here on Z

  • Moto unhappy with Nexus?

    after Moto and Verizon spent a 100 million on advertising
    the Droid launch, a short time later Google launches Nexus
    one and calls it the true Android phone, the super phone.

    Invited for the Nexus launch Moto CEO San Jha was late,
    said it was due to 'traffic'

    Daily Finance:
    "Some Google partners, meanwhile, may have been
    massively burned by the surprise launch. Sanjay Jha, the
    CEO of Motorola (MOT) the handset maker which
    designed a prior Droid phone based on Google's operating
    system and made it a centerpiece of its turnaround
    strategy showed up late for the Nexus One launch. He
    then delivered a terse boilerplate statement, and then took
    off early. "


    A broader issue is this:

    Google gives Android out free.
    It hopes to make it in Search ad revenue.
    If Android OEMs put Bing and Yahoo and even things like
    AT&T Maps, Music as for the Moto Backflip
    how is Google going to make money?

    Will Google continue Android development aggressively
    if they can't make money?
    Does Google want to piss Apple off more as iPhone OS
    now has Google as default and Msft is sniffing around?
    Ballmer wants Bing on iPhone, iPods and iPad.
    • Google Makes Money Off Android

      "...That?s why we developed Android apps for many of our services like YouTube, Gmail, Google Voice, and so on. These apps are Google?s way of benefiting from Android in the same way that any other developer can, but the apps are not part of the Android platform itself. We make some of these apps available to users of any Android-powered device via Android Market, and others are pre-installed on some phones through business deals. Either way, these apps aren?t open source, and that?s why they aren?t included in the Android source code repository. Unauthorized distribution of this software harms us just like it would any other business, even if it?s done with the best of intentions..."

      They also take a cut of all apps sold on the market. It's not the search revenue they are after - it's selling their own apps through business deals and making cuts of app sales in the market.
      • True to an extent but did you see my comment on Moto Backflip?

        The Backflip uses Yahoo.
        Big Google revenue gone.

        It also comes pre loaded with all kinds of non Google Apps.

        "It's filled to the brim with pre-loaded AT&T stuff: AllSport GPS, AT&T
        Maps, AT&T Music (which takes the place of the standard Music app),
        AT&T Navigator, AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots, Mobile Banking, MobiTV,
        MusicID, Where, and YPmobile."

        as Android is an open platform, nothing to stop people from putting
        their own Maps, Email, mobile advertising or Apps on their Android

        which sort of knocks out at least a portion of Google revenue.
        I own a bit of Google stock.
        • The majority will switch the default back to Google. In any case, this is

          much better than WinMo having the Google market
          share as would be the case if Google had not gotten
          into the market. They can keep the anaimal caged at
          • What are you talking about?

            It appears that Google is being circumvented right in front of their face, and it becomes "it's better then MS having..."?

            You don't take loss very well.... ;)
            John Zern
          • Google knew they would have to open source Android to get the widest

            penetration. They fully knew that would open the
            door to these kinds of deals. But, they also know
            that the just need to stick to the knitting and make
            Google the best eperience on mobile.

            The other choice would be a lot more WinMo, and a
            lot more defaulting to Bing.
          • The short answer is because they CAN, with no consequences.

            This is all about money. That is one of the big
            reasons that Motoroloa went with Android.
    • First, Motorola can do a phone for the Goole store too. Second, Google will

      just stick to the knitting and win on the merits.
      Most will just switch the search engine back to

      Also, it is much preferable to Google to have NON
      Microsoft operating systems on smart phones, and
      also cheaper smart phones. They still win even if a
      few take Microsoft's money and make Bing the
      • Most will switch back to Google ? Speak for yourself.

        As good as Google services may be, I won't be switching to them any time soon, and I know plenty of people who wouldn't either, for good reasons.
        It's good to see Motorola and other phone makers resisting this "googlization" of everything and giving us choices.
        • Like what?

          [i]As good as Google services may be, I won't be switching to them any time soon, and I know plenty of people who wouldn't either, for good reasons.[/i]

          Like what?

          You think "micro$oftzation" is any better?

          That's just trading one bad for another.
          still not nice
      • Google will lose, and then will shut down operations

        I think that it would be better if Google just accepted their loss and exit the market, every market. Using Google is just a fad, and when people realize that they need real functionality local rather than over a unreliable internet linke, they will be glad when they switch to a phone with a real operating system, no Google or Apple software installed.
  • Search Default goes to the highest bidder

    Why is Google the default search engine in Firefox? Because Google pays them millions of dollars.

    The same goes for mobile search. The search default goes to the search company that is willing to pay the most.
    • exactly

      and this is why the DOJ should investigate M$ again.
      Linux Geek