WSJ: Dell's tablet to launch in "next few weeks"

WSJ: Dell's tablet to launch in "next few weeks"

Summary: Remember that tablet PC that Michael Dell quickly flashed from the stage of Oracle OpenWorld last week? He didn't provide any details at the time - but today, Dell's Greater China President tells the Wall Street Journal that the 7-inch tablet will be available in the next few weeks.


Remember that tablet PC that Michael Dell quickly flashed from the stage of Oracle OpenWorld last week? He didn't provide any details at the time - but today, Dell's Greater China President tells the Wall Street Journal that the 7-inch tablet will be available in the next few weeks.

This particular tablet, however, is only one in a "whole slew" of new products in the next 6-12 months, executive Amit Midha told the WSJ. He said:

It was showed off at Oracle World by Michael last week and we'll be launching very, very soon—within the next few weeks... In fact, very much in the near future we'll be launching the seven-inch tablet as well as the additional three-inch product.

He said the tablet will run Google's Android OS but noted that other new products will also run Microsoft's Windows OS but didn't provide specifics. He also said the company is still weighing use of Google's Chrome OS.


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  • "...other new products will also run Microsoft's Windows OS"

    As they say, the 'proof is in the pudding'<br><br>It will be very interesting to see how well Microsoft's Windows pudding will fare against Google's two Linux derivatives, Android and Chrome OS.<br><br>This will be the ultimate test for the Windows vs Linux debate.<br><br>I can hardly wait for this face-off (but I have a sweet feeling about the outcome of this, a real sweeeet feeling.)
    OS Reload
    • There needs to be alternatives

      @OS Reload, unless you want to see Google with a virtual monopoly, there needs to be alternatives. Some of us are simply not comfortable with Google's spying, and will refuse for that reason to use a device with Android or Chrome. Apple's cult also is not appealing to many of us.

      So, what else is there? I have high hopes for WebOS, but it will be awhile before we get a chance to see that. RIM is also going with an in-house solution, which might be great, or not. Windows is also based on a microkernel architecture, and certainly can be adapted to tablets, as could WP7 or one of the other derivatives. Android itself is interesting, but for me only if there is someway to remove all of the Google spyware, and that ain't going to happen.
      • Don't worry, both ChromeOS and Android are open source. They have to play

        nice. That said, I want to see RIM's tablet and WebOS take off as well.
      • I'm all for WP7, Win7, WebOS and Android!

        @itpro_z But using that old Anti-Google Hate Mantra like they are watching personally everybody that uses their stuff is Ludicrous! .....I mean you might want to put away your Tin Foil Mind Protectors and visions of little green men climbing out of Google's Skynet spaceships to kidnap you like what anyone of us is worth losing business over. Really..... get real itpro_z I'm worried about you freaks that believe that trash! :D
  • So this time Windows is the also ran

    <i>"...other new products will <b>also run</b> Microsoft's <b>Windows</b> OS"</i><br><br>Windows as the also ran to the big player Linux derivatives Android and soon Chrome OS.<br><br>Amazing what a more level play field can do, after winning the server market Linux is taking over the mobile computing space.

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    • Yeah, just like with the netbooks

      @OS Reload
      They were all Linux in the beginning. They spelled the doom of Windows.

      And then what happened. Nobody wanted the sub-par OS - not even when it was given (pushed) for free.
      • yeah... right

        and look what windows did to them.<br><br>It's too bad ignorance isn't painful, a little pain would go a long way in helping put you on track to get a clue.
        OS Reload
      • It is very different this time around. Tablets are a very different form

        factor where Windows does not have an advantage, and, unlike with netbooks, it is the big OEMs that are offering Android. How well is Microsoft doing with smart phones?
      • Yeah...

        @honeymonster <br><br>I've been reading about the demise of Windows since 1995. It was going to be overtaken by open source systems within five years. Then came the famous "Walmart laptops", which ran Linux and cost a couple hundred dollars; a truly miserable failure. Then came Vista, which was going to be overtaken by Apple's OS, then came the promise of web-based OS, which would eliminate the need for Windows.<br><br>What am I running...Windows 7, of course.
    • RE: WSJ: Dell's tablet to launch in

      @OS Reload


      Windows is still doing well with smartphones. There are a lot of us WinMo users out there, just waiting for October as well as those people severely dissatisfied with their Android and Apple phones.

      Be prepared to be very depressed Donnie, very depressed ;-)

      Yes I bought a netbook with a toy OS. It lasted as long as the time it took me to install Win 7 and Office 2010. Tablets require a real OS not one for a jumbo phone and Windows already has touch, which of the variety of Linux distros has multitouch built-in? Please tell me.

      Linux is a hobby Donnie, I'm glad it keeps you busy, but the rest of us need tools to work with.
      • RE: WSJ: Dell's tablet to launch in


        Linux has Android and Chrome OS

        I'm glad u agree u tools to work on. And as of current Windows is not the best tools on tablet. Suck too much processor and battery life
      • windows on tablets ...

        has been around for almost a decade now. no one bought these tablets. why is that? you do really think this will somehow change now with another windows tablet?
        banned from zdnet
    • RE: WSJ: Dell's tablet to launch in

      @OS Reload I do not see Linux taking over the server market.
    • Linux doesnt dominate the server market

      @OS Reload Windows totally dominates the server market. It isn't even a contest.
      • ????

        In what alternative reality? Web server is totally Linux teritory, so is super-computer market (even more so). Dell has 40% of their servers ship Linux.
        London Stock Exchange is a good example why Windows was and is a bad idea.
  • RE: WSJ: Dell's tablet to launch in

    When the WSJ analysts start predicting Dell selling ten or twenty millions of them (as they are the iPad) I'm sure Mr. Jobs will take notice. Until then, well, don't hold you breath.
  • More Me Too $hit from Dell

    Mikey Boi, pack it in already; you couldn't have an original thought if it hit you on the head.

    Your Apple envy is showing through clearly.
    • Now that's original

      I guess something must have hit you on the head.
      OS Reload
  • Countdown to failure

    Dell is not an innovator and have a history of selling JUNK.

    I don't expect anything but a failure out of this.
  • Tablet craze is overblown

    I, too was overtaken with "tabletmania", until I spend some time with the iPad last week. I borrowed one from a co-worker and took it home for a few days.

    I was very impressed at first, especially with its smoothness and size; but I soon began to realize that, apart from basic content viewing, it really isn't something that I would use. Forget doing anything serious with it, as typing on that keyboard is an abomination.

    I could handle the crappy e-board but the fatigue-factor really got to me. I got tired of holding up the thing! I sat at home on my couch and propped it up with tmy knees...but it sucked! It really was tiring to use, and that sort of suprised me; I quickly turned it off and grabbed my nice, big, self supporting, "keyboarded" laptop and went back to work.

    I'm not picking on the iPad; I just think that tablets, in general, become a chore to use after 45 minutes.