WWDC: Siri gets smarter with iPad, Facebook, car integration

WWDC: Siri gets smarter with iPad, Facebook, car integration

Summary: Siri is gearing up to hit the open road and control your social networks as the software gets smarter.


Siri and Facebook. Credit: James Martin/CNET

Siri and Facebook. Credit: James Martin/CNET

Apple isn't giving up on Siri, the voice control and recognition technology that was introduced last October with the unveiling of iOS 5.

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Instead, it looks like the software is getting smarter on iOS 6 and some more friends with some serious integration deals that were revealed During Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday morning.

First of all, Siri is moving beyond the confines of the iPhone 4S to the iPad. Beyond that, Apple has expanded integration on Facebook. This means that users will be able to update their status messages just by vocal command. So use that at your own risk.

Siri on the dashboard. Credit: James Martin/CNET

Siri on the dashboard. Credit: James Martin/CNET

Speaking of risk taking, Apple is bringing Siri to the open road thanks to partnerships with Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Audi and more. The technology will be installed in the steering wheel, responding to spoken alerts without lighting up the screen. The implementation is expected to be completed within the next year.

It's debatable whether or not concentrating on vocal commands while driving is any safer than texting or talking on your cell phone. One would think that vocal commands would be much safer...but if Siri doesn't understand what you're saying, then how much time would you be spending trying to correct that while driving too?

Siri is showing signs of strength as Apple has announced some considerable updates for the platform, including the ability to open apps and more language support. It also looks like Siri is getting better at understanding search commands...at least based on the keynote demo.

Apple expects iOS 6 to be ready this fall for the Phone 3GS and later along with the 2nd and 3rd-gen iPads.


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  • Car Manufacturers - Dock Please

    Car manufacturers - the Siri integration is all well and good, but what most people want, to be honest they have always wanted, if a standard charging Apple Dock connector. Build on that, and integrate the rest via the dock.

    - Car kit
    - SatNav
    - Siri Control
    - Music centre

    With an integrated dock, you get the lot.


    IOS6 for 3GS - Rock on, nice customer loyalty. Much appreciated. One in the eye for Windows Phone 7 users about to be shafted royally with WP8.
    • Other smartphones?

      Not only that, but what about other smartphone users? Might be nice to have a usb-micro style doc too...
    • iOS 6 on 3GS

      "IOS6 for 3GS - Rock on, nice customer loyalty. Much appreciated"

      I would hold your comments until iOS 6 is released and tested in 3GS devices. I had an iPhone 3G that worked great until I installed iOS 4. That was the worst thing that happened to my device, and Apple didn't provide a rollback option. Saying that the latest iOS will install in old devices sound good, but based in my experience, the results sometimes aren't what you expect.
      IMO, if MS decide that some devices won't be upgraded to WP8 because of performance issues, could make sense.
      • I second that

        I too have same experience with my iPhone 3G, now I'm experiencing sluggishness in my iPad 2 after updating iOS 5 and 5.1. I'm sure iOS 6 will make my iPad 2 dead slow, so that I'll be ready to throw it in bin to buy iPad 3, which is what Apple want us to do, and that's the tactic they're using.

        If it was MS everyone would cry, but now it's ok. I'm not supporting MS here, just saying.

        My 5+ yr old HP laptop, came with Visa, runs Win 7 much faster due to Win 7 improvements, now Win 8 preview is running like fluid. Not sure I can ever expect any such experience in any of our iDevices now/future, as Apple sells both OS & Device together is the issue, which is what going to make them sit back and watch Win 8 success in next 2-3 yrs.
  • Will wait and see but saddened.....

    Siri for the iPad? Which iPad? Unless you do 3G or LTE it is of minimal use.

    Siri in the car. Nice. Can we say "helloooooo car thief breakin type peoples!!" :O

    Enough carping..... will wait and see what else is coming in the months ahead. Not seeing anything "earth shaking" as of yet. :|

    And maps..... I want to see how accurate they are. Why do I suspect they are run through Siri servers..... :(

    [i]Update[/i] looks like no change to iOS gui design, and no addition of some customization functionality. :(
    • All negative with no clue

      Big surprise, you have no experience what so very with iOS 6 (otherwise you would have said you did) yet all you have is negative comments about it. Let's go through them.

      I am currently running iOS6 on my WiFi only iPad and it's very useful. I'm not going to pull out the iPad to use Siri while driving down he road.

      What does Siri in the car have to do with theftieft? It doesn't matter what so ever if you carequippediped with this feature or not, if the thief sees something they want they break in. If they don't see anything they don't. Just because your car has this feature doesn't mean you left your phone in the car, don't be an idiot.

      Not seeing anything "earth shaking" are you? You claim to use iOS devices yet it doesn't matter what they do you bash on them and often times your comments sound less like somebody that ever used an iOS device and more like a hater making stuff up. Is Apple or their product perfect, of course not and I am not claiming that.

      Again, no experience what so ever yet you assume the worst with no clue. I have used the new maps on my iPhone and they work great. Yes, there was on turn that had the wrong street name but other than that it's been great.
  • Apollo

    iOS 6 punched Apple's stock in the belly. It has the same boring look and feel of iOS 1
    • Wow, that is a huge drop

      And since we all know that the quality of a product varies directly with the manufacturer's market cap, it also means that every product Apple makes is now much worse than they were yesterday.
    • There was no way the stock wouldn't go down

      iOS 5 gave a decently large thing to live up to, even if some people said they were catching up. I'd imagine that it will go back up when the new iPhone and iOS version actually release.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Repeat a year later

        Didn't the stock dip right after iOS 5 was announced too and since then the stock value has almost doubled. Actually it did double then settled down a bit. Let's see, end of WWDC 2011 shares close at $315.32 yet a year later the stock is currently at $587.02, man that sure was a hit investors took wasn't it.
    • Then don't buy

      and make sure to tell everyone that will listen to you, all two of them. I am sure Apple stock price won't be affected by what you think ;-)
  • Siri - a revolutionary technology

    Siri is an revolutionary technology. The latest updates sounds promising, hope it is available in more countries and in more languages.

    - Siri
  • Siri could go both ways...

    It all depends on how much they've really improved it. There were reports that Apple was "embarrassed with Siri". Opening up the API without fixing the problems could cause bigger issues.

  • Things were looking good until...

    Well, most everything was looking promising and I had my hopes up for iOS 7. Things were looking good... but then Apple falls to the influence of the world's worst social nightmare... Yes, I am referring to the Facebook integration. I mean, just what I have been waiting for (as an IT Security guy), another door for the social deviants at Facebook to invade everyone's privacy and feed off personal social disorders to build their empire. Well Apple, congratulations; not only have you managed to find a way to stay out of the business community at large, but now you are finding your way out of my home.
    • ...

      Simple; don't use/disable Facebook.
      • Not so simple

        Unfortunately it is far from that simple. I am sure all those who had their SMSes hacked just because they had the Facebook app on their smart phone would agree... any link is a door, or window, inside. Besides, reading the product release info, the Facebook capability will be integrated into the iOS apps.
  • Siri-"New" iPad?

    The comments to date are unclear on my subject. Has anyone said definitively that Siri will be available on the new iPad (i.e., the current new one) under iOS 6. I know it would work in this case, but is Apple going to let it work?
    • Assume so

      I am currently using it on my new iPad running iOS6.
  • With lame capped data plans, Siri is going to hose iPad mobile data users.

    The low caps on data plans available from carriers for iPad are going to make extensive Siri use a really expensive proposition. Between browsing, streaming, email, messaging, social networks, and other uses, those low data caps are already a big concern. Adding bandwidth-eating voice recognition technology to the mix could be the thing that pushes most people into data overage charges. Get out your checkbooks, Siri is coming to iPad. At least the WiFi-only users will be safe.

    My vehicle already has voice commands for virtually everything, but I am still excited about the prospect of tighter integration between my iOS devices and my next vehicle. It depends on how they implement it and how easily it is updated when improvements are released by Apple. If it's a static implementation, the appeal will drop dramatically. Siri and iOS are works in progress and need to be refined over time.
    • Get the right plan

      Text messaging can cost you a lot if you don't have the right plan so what's your point? If you have a limited band with plan and overuse it it doesn't matter how, it's your fault. Just because Siri will now be on the iPad doesn't mean people are no longer responsible for their actions. Anyway, considering most iPad are WiFi only I am not sure what the point was.