Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

Summary: The spam via Yahoo Messenger is becoming insufferable--and the junk messages are piling up.In recent weeks, I've received anywhere from six to a dozen spam IMs a day.


The spam via Yahoo Messenger is becoming insufferable--and the junk messages are piling up.

In recent weeks, I've received anywhere from six to a dozen spam IMs a day. I use Yahoo's spam reporting feature yet they keep coming. I plan to follow up with Yahoo to see why this spam problem has ballooned on Messenger.

Exhibit A:


And Exhibit B:


Meanwhile, the spam messages keep coming--I got another 4 overnight. Anyone out there seeing the same trend with Yahoo? AOL IM has been a spam free IM experience for me.

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  • Just the past week or so

    Both my wife and I have been getting those same "Hey Sexy"s. For the years I've had Yahoo! IM, I've maybe gotten a half dozen spam messages. Now I get a half dozen a week. I wouldn't categorize it as a problem (I'd have to get a *lot* more before that happens), but it is strange.
    x I'm tc
    • 3 months now and getting worse

      Happened a while back and quit after I upgraded. Then it started tricklin back in until now it is 4 or 5 a day. In fact, I think I have upgraded twice since the 1st time this started. This is the reason what I quit using ICQ 4 years ago.

      Most come up when I get home as Offline messages because I uninstalled it from my work PC and just yell over the cubicals as my new IM. Some say my new IM should be classified as SPAM due to the 15 people that the message wasn't intended for hear it loud and clear.
  • RE: Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

    i was getting a lot of spam, the only solution was to block my im access to anyone not on my list.. it kinda sucks but the relief of not gettin spam is worth it
  • I hate to say this, but...

    ... this is no surprise. In past years AOL was ridiculed for the cluelessness of their users, but Yahoo! takes cluelessness to a new level. I suspect their targeted for IM spam because a) they can be, as Yahoo! make it really easy for the bots to operate, and b) this kind of ad works on Yahoo! users.

    Yahoo! users (in general) are quick to jump on every flashy, gaudy, annoying, stupid feature that can be stuffed into an IM, with no thought at all to how badly it might piss off the recipient. Oh, what fun... and oh, what a great reason for using Pidgin instead (formerly GAIM: If I've got to clean some piece of spyware, or adware, or other dumbware off of a machine I can lay you better than 8 to 1 odds that the user also uses Yahoo! instant messenger, and usually the chat as well. In extreme cases I've had to clear from 500 to 1000 bits of dumbware that people actually invite onto their machines, usually at the recommendation of their Yahoo! correspondents.

    IOW, the spammers target YIM because that's where the suckers are.
  • Yahoo Messenger Spam

    I just turn on the option to onnly allow communication with people on my list.
    • Thanks for the tip

      I'll use the only people on my list option, but sometimes it isn't practical. I'll wait to hear from Yahoo, but like what some other folks said the IM spam has really cranked up in recent weeks.
      Larry Dignan
      • Practical?

        Why would turning it off not be practical?
        I use MSN Messenger (or whatever they're calling it this week). I have it set to: [b]Only users on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages. Block all other users.[/b] I never get any spam there. I can still add people if/when I need to, so there's no issue there. Why then would you not turn off this "feature"???
        • Practical or not

          My IM has 17 "Friends" and 22 "Co-Workers". My 17 year old neice has over 200. Her friends change their name every week to sneak around so as NOT to be seen.
          I on the otherhand have 39 people that I correspond with regularly enough that I would need them at all times. I don't want 200 Offline Friends that may or may not come online more than once a year. So, if an Unknown IM comes up, I look at the name and what it says. If spam, I report, if not, I respond.

          It isn't that it's difficult, or requires hours of my day. It is just a nuisance.
          • Just a nuisance...

            I agree. I find it funny to hear people complain about a minor inconvenience when they're using a free service. Come on folks...complaints are for paying customers.
          • No Complaints = No Improvement

            Service providers tend not to make improvements to services if they don't receive complaints.

            I should say [b]most[/b] service providers. Yahoo! doesn't seem to care about customer service. However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't complain to them or discuss it with other users.
  • Not a problem

    I been using Pidgin(GAIM) for awhile so I am connected to a few messangers at once and so far I haven't really seen any spam through MSN, Yahoo or AIM. MySpace IM on the other hand has a spam message waiting for me whenever I turn on my monitor.
  • RE: Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

    Yes I get them regardless if I am logged in or now. I get at least 2 or 3 a night.

  • RE: Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

    That's the whole problem with IM. Useless drivel interrupting your day.

    You want to speak with someone???pick up the damn phone! (:-)
  • RE: Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

    And yet there would be a very easy solution:

    *Combine all messages from non-friends (users not in my buddy list) into one single window. That way you can bulk delete.

    *You should also be able to autoarchive (or completely turn off) messages from non-buddies. This is the equivalent of spam folder in email systems.

    It just goes to show that no one at Yahoo! seems to be focused on the user experience - or are not doing a great job.

    • Reduce Messenger SPAM

      I have done some research on this on a school project, and typical spammers tend to use new ids and multiple computers to send out these messages. The number of such ids can be in thousands, and computers can be in hundreds.

      The problem is not as simple as it sounds, and i guess Yahoo is just a big target.

      Learn here how you can reduce spam:;_ylt=Aharsm7GMLnYwydWQIdx.1EM.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20071205191417AAld2mD
  • RE: Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

    While I haven't seen any of this Messenger spam (yet), I can agree with the statement that Yahoo seems not to care about customer service. I've contacted them no less than six times regarding problems I'm having, and have had for several months, with either their Messenger, their Mail, or their Avatar page. Not one of my complaints has even been acknowledged.

    On occasion I'll lose the animation of my Emoticons, although the sound for them still plays, and the captions appear even though I've turned that off.

    I can't get my Yahoo Mail on my desktop PC and have resorted to using my laptop to retrieve it. Both are XP-SP1, pre-WGA, with plenty of RAM and disk space free. If I click on an e-mail on the desktop I get the message headers but no body, or I get a blank page. I can follow the same URLs on the laptop and it works fine. Of course the spam outnumbers the meaningful e-mails about 5-to-1.

    The Avatar page, where I can customize my Avatar, doesn't render properly on either machine... like it's written in an earlier version of HTML. I can't see what the Avatar's currently wearing either in the picture or the list of items, and I can't click on new items to try them on because I'm taken to a blank page.

    Yahoo's self-help pages are a joke, IMHO. I've pored through them looking for suggestions on fixing my problems, only to find out that what's suggested doesn't help me at all. I've tried un-installing and re-installing Messenger (without the 'extras' other than Mail) and it hasn't helped. It just frosts me that Yahoo won't even acknowledge receiving my complaints. Maybe they're too busy trying to appeal to the under-30 crowd.

    • Yahoo issues...

      Most of the issues you are pointing out with Yahoo, are for the most part not Yahoo's fault. If your yahoo works on 1 pc and not the other, there is something wrong with "The Other" pc's fault. I too have had the blank page on my email on my work PC, but the home pc is fine. Formatted the PC due to a Vista problem I had and tried it again and it was working perfectly at both places.
      The emoticons are a different issue. My 5 year old laptop, if left on for a couple days and full use of the Hibernation mode a few times will do the same thing. Sound good, animation not. A reboot later, and the issue is gone. To me, this is a memory issue and unless I want to upgrade my 5 year old laptops RAM I will have to live with the reboot.
      The Avatar issue you speak of, well yeah, you are right, it is bad on all levels. Occasionally I have luck with it, so I change it every now and then. If if screws up in the middle oh well, start over.

      And while I am thinking of it, SP1...???, it's been 2 years since SP2 came out and no telling how many other security updates you are missing just because they require SP2. As an IT Tech that gets paid LOTS of money to fix PCs I will not try and fix a PC that doesn't have the patches that fix KNOWN ISSUES. Because the UNKNOWN may not really be unknown.
      • Yahoo Issues

        It's still no excuse in my book for Yahoo to ~

        1. Not acknowledge receipt of my complaint(s), and

        2. Not to contact me with fixes for problems that [b] are [/b] due to their software.

        Granted, some of my problems are likely due to the lack of SP2, but my main sticking point there is WGA. I can't get further updates unless I take WGA, but I'm greatly opposed to the idea that this tool 'phones home' to Redmond once a day only to assure them that my OS install is valid. [u] [b] I [/b] [/u] know it's valid, [u] [b] they [/b] [/u] know it's valid from the Activation point, so why do they need to keep checking? I bet they pay somebody big bucks to monitor the database of Product Keys and Machine IDs to watch for the red flags that pop up when a duplicate is detected.

        BTW, both my machines are on 24/7 with no hibernation and no HD spindown. Call it luck, but I got over 47,000 hours out of my last HD.

  • RE: Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

    I don't know about Yahoo Messenger, since I use MSN Messenger, and have always been spam free because it has a simple setting that blocks everyone that is not on your list. Does Yahoo M not have something like that in the settings?
  • RE: Yahoo Messenger spam becomes insufferable

    Yes I'm seeing that, I get maybe 1 a day via Meebo (and none on other networks). I block them but it appears as if someone has solved the Yahoo Captcha to create new accounts.