Yahoo Search starts testing listings from Microsoft

Yahoo Search starts testing listings from Microsoft

Summary: Yahoo said today that it has started testing the use of Microsoft's listings in Yahoo search in the U.S.


While Yahoo executives and analysts were on a conference call to discuss the company's second quarter earnings, the folks working to integrate Microsoft's search platform into Yahoo said they have started testing listings from Microsoft for about a quarter of Yahoo's U.S. search traffic.

For the users, it shouldn't make much difference to what they actually see. In the image below, the boxed areas are those that come from Microsoft, while the rest is from Yahoo. Microsoft's mobile organic and paid search listings will also be integrated into Yahoo Mobile in the coming months in the U.S. and Canada.

Depending on how the testing goes, the company said it hopes that organic (algorithmic) search listings for mobile and desktop will be fully powered by Microsoft's platform by September, with paid search following in October.

Topics: Social Enterprise, Microsoft

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  • buh bye

    Yahoo! Search was Intomi (i think) then Google, then [their own?], now phasing in sleazy MS. Have to tell your friends not to use Yahoo! Search any more.
    Yahoo! GeoCities was inferior. The whole Yahoo! Account experience was always confusing. Every Yahoo! tool had broken pieces and lags, but they never fixed anything. Constant frustration. If Yahoo! had done things right, they would have been ahead of Google and Facebook and everyone.