Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

Summary: After almost four years in court, Yahoo has finally won big over some major spammers. But was the fight worth it?


In a major victory against one of the major plagues on the Internet, Yahoo has been awarded $610 million in a ruling against spammers.

A federal district court judge in New York handed down the judgment on Monday against spammers responsible for a fake Yahoo lottery email scheme in which email messages were deemed to have been "unlawfully sent to Internet users with the intent of deceiving them into believing they had won a lottery prize offered by Yahoo!."

The idea behind the plot was to trick unsuspecting email users into offering up sensitive personal data, including passwords, credit card information, and social security numbers.

Now, Yahoo is the one (theoretically) walking away with the lottery prize of $610 million, which is comprised of $583 million in statutory award damages for violation of the CAN-SPAM Act, $27 million for trademark infringement, and attorneys' fees.

Lawsuits against spammers used to be all the rage a few years ago. In fact, Yahoo launched this case initially back in 2008. That same year, MySpace initiated a couple of campaigns of its own and won a few victories...although look at how focusing on that worked so well for it.

Nowadays, it's almost a little peculiar that Yahoo would go after spammers, especially as it is curious as to how or when Yahoo will actually be able to collect these winnings.

Furthermore, the problem of spam itself just isn't what it used to be. Of course, it still exists abundantly. But a report from Cisco Security published earlier this year found that most cyber criminals are dropping the mass spam angle in favor of more targeted attacks. (See: Anonymous.)


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  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    Award = $610m<br>Payout = zero<br>Yahoo!'s Legal Expenses = $10m<br>Net Loss = $10m<br><br>Sorry guys, this says more about the US legal system than it says about spammers.
    • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers


      Actually, it says more about the corporate head honchos who made the stupid decision to sue folks who are "judgment proof".
    • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers


      Agree. Although my sentiment is with Yahoo, this is a Pyrrhic victory at best since the spammers are probably located in the Ukraine or China or somewhere.

      They don't play by the same rules over there.
  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    Yahoo.... May be yahoo is going to spam the spamsters and collect the winnings. Ha ha..
  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    Well, sometimes you have to look past the $610 million award and the $10 million in legal costs. The foundation has been created for the much quicker prosecution and judgements that will come from this case. A precedent in case law now exists to compare facts of all other cases that will be brought in the future.<br><br>These spammers have been identified and they are responsible for their actions. If they are able to make money in the future, I believe that Yahoo can take all of their earnings and seize and sell any property the have and will aquire. I'm not sure I want a company that has a reasonable amount of money and a global presense irritated at me and able to make their life a living hell. I hope that Yahoo uses their financial power to grind these guys and gals into financial dust. <br><br>There is no place on this earth these guys and gals can hide. I am comforted by that thought.
    • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers


      No place to hide, except Russia, China, Nigeria, ....
    • Yahoo shareholders better figure out a way to collect that money soon,

      before Microsoft buys them out, and whatever money collected will belong to MS.

      Then the Yahoo/MS corporation (YaMS?) will have additional value after the merger, if they ever collect on that judgment.
  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    Speaking of spammers I received a text message today about Best Buy and thanking me for being a loyal customer. I hate Best Buy and would never walk in the store. The text message spam came from phone number 3158782131 feel free to block this number on your phone so you will not get trash from them. This is a system of spam that should be punishable since many have to pay for text messages.
  • Yahoo Spam City

    Now if Yahoo can just block all the spam-bots that occupy all of their chat rooms.
    Too Old For IT
  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    I cant believe what I'm hearing?? I guess some say which crime will I call in, a fight or a murder??? I say, call them all in, as a fight can lead to murder!! No matter what kind of a win, it is still a win. This just might send the message we are getting fed up and we will not sit idlely by while criminal run a muck!!! Good call Yahoo!
  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    Where can I get my share of that $610M from Yahoo! for all the [s]crap[/s] advertising they throw up on MY desktop?
  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    I'm just gonna buy me a (5) Five Gallon bucket of K-Y jelly . If I don't get it in one end , I , for sure , get it in the friggin OTHER !!!!!!!
  • Big Boobs? Tiny 'T'?

    So we switch ISPs to ATT and before I'm done setting up the main mail account managed through Yahoo Big Boobs and Tint 'T' are 'Yahooing' me because they really want to talk to me ....

    Then I set up one ATT.Net mail account and before I even use it, before I sent out even ONE mail, I'm getting spam.

    Whats that saying? Me thinks thou protestith too much?
  • RE: Yahoo wins $610 million in judgment against spammers

    You guys (gals?) simply don't get the significance of the judgement. Yahoo knows they will never collect the judgement, but the $10-million in legal fees will be money well spent in protecting their image. If Yahoo didn't pursue the spammers, their brand would become toxic, users would exit and the losses would be a whole lot more than the $10-million that the lawsuits cost Yahoo.
  • Yahoo is a despicable spammer, too!

    In Facebook and RSS, Yahoo spams without shame.

    Try to click any Yahoo link in the Facebook then your FB newsfeed will be spam with Yahoo links including sleazy ones. These links get publish too in your friends newsfeed with your name on them. What a shameful spammy company.