Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

Summary: At the Where 2.0 conference the discovery of the day is that your iPhone and iPad is tracking your every move. You willingly allow your movement to be tracked every day anyway.


At the Where 2.0 conference the discovery of the day is that your iPhone and iPad is tracking your every move.

Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden make the find and note on the O'Reilly Radar blog:

Ever since iOS 4 arrived, your device has been storing a long list of locations and time stamps. We're not sure why Apple is gathering this data, but it's clearly intentional, as the database is being restored across backups, and even device migrations.

There are obviously security issues here---especially since the data is unencrypted and unprotected. This video outlines the find:

Naturally, this find will create a good bit of hubbub. I'm trying to keep myself from yawning.

  • Why? People allow their every move to be tracked anyway---willingly.
  • I happen to have GPS set up on my Android device. I have no idea what Google is keeping on me. Cue up the "Dignan you idiot" talkbacks.
  • I also know that a friend happened to be at Grand Central Station this morning because he checked in on FourSquare and it was blasted to his Twitter feed.
  • Folks use Google Latitude.
  • MobileMe tracks you too.

OK, I know that there's a small opt-in issue here. But most Apple fans would opt in anyway. Let's face it, Apple isn't your average company. Most of you will like this tracking idea and scream: Track me Steve Jobs. Please!

In other words, this tracking thing is just a wee bit overblown. You can track anyone and what they are doing these days. So it's a little scary that Apple has a file on you. But you trust your movements with other companies. Why not Apple? Privacy? Forget it. That was so 1980s.

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  • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

    Are you kidding me??? SMALL opt-in issue? Listen those idiots that want to tell everyone they're away for the weekend so that the local burglars can come rob them blind or have their every movement tracked and documented for their next divorce/custody/probation hearing.... that's on them.

    This is far too "Big Brother" to even comprehend that it might be ok for a company to force this on you.
    • Carriers track and store GPS-time data for at least half year

      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        Carriers *have* to know where you are to perform their core function of providing you with cellphone service.

        Apple doesn't.
        x I'm tc
      • apple doesn't have the file

        only you have the file on your phone or your computer. it is not protected and you didn't even know, which is not the right way, but still, apple doesn't have the file nor the information. you and only you have it.
        banned from zdnet
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @banned from zdnet
        I don't see how it would be unreasonable to think that Apple has a way of reading that file on the iPhone if they wanted to.. They already have a way to remove stuff remotely..
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @banned from zdnet that is a lie, Apple admitted the Data is randomized and sent to them periodically to improve location services
    • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

      This is all about Steve Jobs trying to get back at Google, he will destroy them, just like he did with Dell back in 1997... he's going to beat Google at their own game.
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @Hasam1991 Just like he destroyed Microso... oh, wait...
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        If you look at Microsoft's and Apple's position a decade ago and then look at the same thing today, I would say that's about as close to destruction as you can get. Sure, Microsoft has held on to its Windows monopoly and the enterprise, but Apple has never seriously tried for the enterprise or made low end Macs that are needed to compete with the windows monopoly.
      • hello, anono? Apple didn't do anything to MS

        they are two different companies, so how can you say Apple "destroyed" MS? MS and Apple are both making billions in there respective fields, and profits that any company would kill for.

        I take it that if you where given a chance to have MS income today, you would say "no"?
        Will Farrell
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        It's funny that the sheeple will give Apple a bye on this, just because they think their products are kuule! What else are you willing to give up just to use the itoys???
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        Uh.. Dell - last I checked - is still in business in 2011 and doing rather well... And that was this morning. So how exactly was Dell "destroyed" again?

        Funny... Microsoft still has like 92% of the desktop and laptop markets. OSX still seems to be having a hard time breaking 5%...

        So it seems neither of you have the vaguest clue as to what "Destroy" or "Destruction" means.
    • Worse yet, if they HAVE the information, the Patriot Act ...

      @weslrobt ... can compel them to hand it over to the U.S. Goverenment, and, as we saw during the Bush 43 years, if the Executive Branch decides to abuse their power by NOT acquiring a FISA Search Warrant FIRST, you have no protections whatsoever (since Congress will absolve the company who gives the data away without a search warrant.

      Apple needs to CEASE & DESIST.
      M Wagner
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @mwagner@... That's right ONLY the democrats should be able to track your moves. After all they (Dems) DID overturn the patriot act. . .oh wait they didn't. Well it is not like trailing your would be invasive like a TSA search. . . Oh wait, the Dems allow that too. Ah, but YOU might be a potential terrorist, being an American, (per DHS) not someone who is confused and maybe a little extreme. (BTW - I do not think EITHER party should be tracking me. My GPS I can turn off, and I do NOT have the 3G iPad) WiFi only.
      • My question is...why???

        @mwagner@... I really have nothing to hide, so I do't really care (at this point) who knows where I am at any given time. So why should they, and why are they keeping records for God's sake?<br>But let's see if they can tell me where my phone IS right now, since I seem to have misplaced it. (No, I don't have a life.)
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @Kevinwood - what in the hell does this have to do with dems or repubs? Nothing - both sides of the isle march to the same beat when it comes to "fighting terror" which is a load of crock... Bush just happen to push the Executive Branch to new lows by leveraging the "Shock and Awe" method. Civil liberties are eroding and people are sucked into the "we must protect ourselves" mantra. I mean seriously - talk about a ruse! Calling something so unpatriotic the Patriot Act is like Killing people for the sake of democracy or killing Muslims in the name of Christianity... Ignorance and sheep like behavior is blissful! Those who say I have nothing to hide... man you have got to be kidding me? You have plenty to hide. Tomorrow you may wake up and the definition of "terrorist" has been excluded to include you because you do not agree with what's being said. Matter of fact, what exactly is the definition of a terrorist? Have you looked it up?

        ? ?[ter-uh-riz-uhm] Show IPA

        the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

        the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

        a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

        Hmmm... we should probably do like MJ and look at the Man in the Mirror.

        As Ben Franklin once said,
        "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

        If you think we live in some kind of special time where history doesn't repeat itself and these words don't hold true you truly are lost.
    • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So


      I agree. It baffles me that people don't think it's a problem that 100% greed driven corporations are quietly collecting the capability to blackmail all of us, not to mention virtually every politician currently in government.

      The statement "I have nothing to hide" is, and has always been, pure rubbish. We ALL have something to hide. Even the calmest driver for example is guilty of several hundred minor driving infractions per month. Imagine some bureaucrat having the power to drop 100k in traffic violations on your head with a simple db query because you looked at him funny.

      People are blithely putting their necks in collars without any idea where the leash leads. And yes, Larry, that is pretty stupid.
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @SlithyTove Can the "greed driven" corporation steal your property? Can it tax you or have you arrested? Can it freeze all your assets or make sure that they know any financial transactions you make over $10,000? Can they take your children from you? Can they put you in jail? Can they tell you what to eat and what not to eat? Can they tax you because you do things they don't approve of doing? NOPE.. Those powers belong in the loving arms of the benevolent state and its highly skilled and dedicated bureaucrats.
        Albert G
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @Albert G
        You're kidding us right? Are you in a bubble or something? The "state" is ran by its handlers. Who are its handlers? Corporations of all types. Governments are shells - they serve as a front facing rule of law but laws are dictated and driven by corporations.

        How does a corporation commit atrocities worthy of putting them out the business but the government turns around and gives them a free pass? Sure they'll fine them but fact of the matter is business have the same freedoms as individuals yet they have 0 morals... the only goal is profits and shareholder value at all costs. They are psychotic and sociopaths... little care about the world around them - only the profits to aggregate the wealth in the hands of the few.

        Can greed driven corporations steal your property?
        No but they can buy and sue you out of house and home. They have the ability to bend the rules because they rights like humanbeings yet no morals.

        Can they tax you?
        Of course they can... rise rates on essential goods - just look at the cost of your food.

        Can it freeze your assets?
        Yes they can - financial institutions have the ability to do anything.

        Can they put you in jail?
        Yes they can put you in jail, ever heard of the term trump-charges? Most prison systems are private now so they sure in the hell lobby the government to change the laws to reflect higher incarceration rates to favor shareholder profits.

        Can they tell you what to eat and what not to eat?
        Sure they can - if you cannot afford anything but McDonalds you are eating McDonalds...

        Can they tax you for doing things they don't approve of?
        Sure - again, the rise and fall of product costs as incentive to buy
      • RE: Your iPhone, iPad recording your every move? So

        @SlithyTove You had better go put your tinfoil hat back on.