Zuckerberg: Facebook not working on under-13 access, not going public (yet)

Zuckerberg: Facebook not working on under-13 access, not going public (yet)

Summary: Kids under 13 will have to wait for Facebook access, said the social networking site's CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday.


Kids under 13 will have to wait for Facebook access, said the social networking site's CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday.

Speaking at the e-G8 (essentially the tech world's G8 summit) in Paris on at the conference's closing keynote, Zuckerberg tried to clarify recent statements he made about allowing children under 13 years to sign up for Facebook accounts. While Facebook isn't working on access for kids aged 12 and under, that doesn't mean that Facebook is against the idea.

As reported by Dow Jones:

Zuckerberg said at this stage, he isn't saying that children under 13 should be allowed on Facebook but that whether they should or not is a question that will need to be discussed some time, especially in relation to education. "If children under 13 ever were [allowed to get on Facebook] we'd need to find a way for them to be safe," he said.

Additionally, Zuckerberg said that Facebook won't be going public anytime soon. Reportedly his answer to that question was just a simple “Not yet.”

So what is Facebook interested in pursing then? Enabling more media companies related to music and movies to be more social (via PaidContent):

The corollary of this for music, movies, books and news, he said: “In each of these industries - the media ones are going to be big ones… in the music industry, it’s going to be people who understand music and people; in the movie industry, it’s going to be people who understand movies and people...

...People listen to music with friends, you read news and discuss it with friends. These industries can be rebuilt from the ground up with social. The opportunities when you make these companies social are a lot bigger than they are (in their current form).

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  • What was REALLY said was...


    Kids under 13 will have to CONTINUE TO LIE ABOUT THEIR AGE for Facebook access, said the social networking site?s CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday.
    • Exactly.

      @Bates: Exactly. Facebook don't check the date you enter is correct, so it's meaningless. I've known of plenty of under age users on Facebook.
    • RE: Zuckerberg: Facebook not working on under-13 access, not going public (yet)

      I agree with Facebook's position: kids shouldn't use it. At least not without parental supervision.
  • RE: Zuckerberg: Facebook not working on under-13 access, not going public (yet)

    The age limits are there for a reason, they send a message out to say that the content that can be viewed here is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. I don?t see any suggestion being made to assure that the management of content on Facebook should change to suit the children. We age rate movies, online games and the like to help parents and guardians be more aware and make reasonable judgements about these items. Social networking sites should be rated in the same way and there are many that are there just for children.?

    As an active volunteer who visits schools in the London and South East England, UK, area for the (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online programme, I speak with numerous children every year. The issues go far beyond the concerns about paedophiles. Children as young as 7 years old routinely admit they have Facebook accounts and many also admit that they pretend to be far older than they are not just to get around the age barrier, but also to make an impression online. A young child does not have the IT skills to set their security settings properly. Recently at a Primary School near London, fifteen year 5 (9 to 10 year olds) had Facebook, only 3 had set privacy settings. Another Primary school a year 6 child had over 40 "friends" from the same Primary school from years 6, 5 and 4. He accepted a "Friends Request" (should be called strangers request for U18 IMHO). The "Friend" request came from an adult living in the USA and that person started sexually grooming the boys Facebook friends in that school. Facebook is being used in numerous cases of Cyberbullying and it is one of the biggest concerns for ALL Headteachers I talk with.

    Youngsters can be targeted by advertisements for slimming or plastic surgery, or be invited into playing online games with adults where there can be swearing and abusive behaviour, which is already a growing problem with many young teenage boys playing over 18 games.

    We don?t let our young children walk into town on their own until we feel they are old and wise enough. Why should it be any different for the largest online community in the world?
    Tim D W Wilson
  • RE: Zuckerberg: Facebook not working on under-13 access, not going public (yet)

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  • RE: Zuckerberg: Facebook not working on under-13 access, not going public (yet)

    Honestly, do kids this young even need to be on Facebook? I think this opens the doors for some serious trouble. Ever heard of to catch a predator?
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  • RE: Zuckerberg: Facebook not working on under-13 access, not going public (yet)

    Why would you give Facebook to kids under 13? Too many risks and they don't even buy anything so you cant serve them ads. If you want to learn more about search engine optimization check out this cool <a href="http://www.seolair.com/">SEO Blog</a>.