Don't download Firefox 3 yet (updated)

Don't download Firefox 3 yet (updated)

Summary: Firefox 3 download day is June 17th, so if it's June 17th in your time zone now should you download it? No!

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Firefox 3 coming soon

Firefox 3 download day is June 17th, so if it's June 17th in your time zone now should you download it? No! Ok, go ahead now if you can get in.

In what I can only describe as a monumental screw-up, the Mozilla foundation decided to start the "day" at 10am PDT (1pm EDT). So wait a few more hours folks. Then go to the world record site. If it still has a button to pledge (as opposed to one to download) then the event hasn't started yet.

Update: Mozilla now says "Firefox 3 is currently only being offered as a full download from". The event has now started, but you may find that the download site is overloaded.

Microsoft did it right in 1996 when they hosted a "midnight madness" event. The first 10,000 people that downloaded IE3 got a T-shirt (I still have mine). I've read in the forums that some people stayed up late for Firefox 3 download parties, only to be disappointed that the download links were not active. Or worse, that they got one of the release candidate versions of FF3 and their download doesn't count towards the record.

I know... download parties, world records, it's all pretty silly. But who said computers had to be all work and no play?

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Ed Burnette

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  • RE: Don't download Firefox 3 yet

    Haha, just one of those marketing gimmicks! Does Mozilla have sufficient bandwidth for the hordes or downloaders? ;)
    • Bandwidth

      "Does Mozilla have sufficient bandwidth for the hordes or downloaders? ;)"

      Looks like the answer is "no!"
      charley cross
  • RE: Don't download Firefox 3 yet

    Firefox 3 is hosted by Google's servers. I think the goog can handle both the server and bandwidth demand.
  • I can't download it!

    For me -- both and and inaccessible at 1:07PM EDT.

    • GO HERE

      Who says you have to wait?
      • RE: GO HERE

        But does it count toward the record?
        • I doubt it

          especially since the <a href="">wiki</a> specifically says the download day server cache will be cleared before the site goes live.

          but at least this way you get a warm fuzzy that you downloaded from a back-door mozilla server.
      • uses an invalid security certificate.

        Besides, it won't count for the record.
        Ed Burnette
      • Will This URL Count Toward The Record?

        I'm downloading FireFox 3 for Linux now from your link, and will be downloading the Windows version shortly.

        Question; will downloading from here count toward the world record? I noted that the downloads involved ARE coming via, but have no idea whether they are going into the official tally.

        If someone can clarify this, I'd appreciate it very much.
        • No

          Nope, it should include 'downloadday'

          • Link flies!

            I just clicked the above link and downloaded the Linux version in seconds. Averaged about 300kbps.
    • Insufficient capacity

      I can't get in to the download site (spreadfirefox) either, and I've been trying repeatedly for half an hour.

      They're going to have a tough time setting that record if their servers can't handle the traffic!
      charley cross
    • Oops

      QA confirms web changes on authstage June 17th, 9:30am PDT tbd

      It's 2:13pm EST

      Maybe QA called in sick......
    • firefox 3.o

      it's at
  • RE: Don't download Firefox 3 yet

    Can't access the Mozilla or Spreadfirefox websites anyway... even though it is supposedly available in my time zone. Guess too many hits on server
  • Don't download Firefox 3 yet is lame lame lame

    Well firefox joined the ranks of the mismanaged today with their handling of release 3. After all the stupid hype no real info or help was available for those of us STUPID enough to think that we could download their new version and have a little fun at the same time. Well after several hours of on and off checking with little or no information available I gave up and just downloaded it thru . It doesn't count for their "record" but who cares after a few hours of looking at their site showing the signup button and nothing else.

    If this is the way foxfire wants to treat their fans then IE is going to be safe at the top.

    Frank Woodman Jr.
    • No probs with Opera

      Another reason why I stick with Opera.
      • must be lonely where you are . . .

        Of course you don't have any trouble downloading opera cause there's never any line of people waiting to get it . . .

        Kinda like walking into an "opera only" party and finding a small cupcake on the table to be shared by those few who show up while the party next door has a roaring crowd with live music and all you can eat and drink!
  • RE: Don't download Firefox 3

    I from Spain, and I think that (literally) all the world is waiting to download it, and is normal that website has got problems...
  • RE: Don't download Firefox 3 yet

    What do I think? I think people need to spend more time learning how to write properly, instead of sitting on their duffs waiting to download something that will be outdated in a few months.