EclipseCon 2006 wrap-up and pictures

EclipseCon 2006 wrap-up and pictures

Summary: All my photos from EclipseCon2006 are now on-line, including the ones from the post-conference wrap party, posters, booths, talks, demos, and more.

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What a week!  I've never experienced anything quite like it. The best part was the great post-conference party we had in my suite.

Mike and Steve

A ton of people showed up, including Mike Milinkovich (right), Steve Northover (left), Erich Gamma, and many others. It lasted long into the night, so I ended up getting only 2 or 3 hours sleep before my early flight the next day, but it was worth it.

The most popular attraction (besides the beer) was the slide show of all the photos I took during the week. There are over 300 pictures in the set, which I have now uploaded to flickr under the Eclipse Public License. I took hi-res pictures of most of the posters and booths and all the talks and demos I was able to attend. There was way too much to write about so you'll find a lot of new material there that hasn't been seen here on the blog.  For example there are pictures of the IBM Jazz demo, and "He who would not hold still for a picture" (you know who you are). Feel free to add your comments, tags, etc.. Enjoy!

BTW, there are three panoramic series in the set, so if anyone is handy with a photo stitcher and can make something out of them, go for it. 

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Topic: Tech Industry

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  • What's that I see? A Guiness in hand?

    Brilliant Man! ;)

    Seriously, I enjoyed your EclipseCon articles!

    D T Schmitz