Sun launches JavaFX 1.0

Sun launches JavaFX 1.0

Summary: On Thursday Sun released the production version of JavaFX, a new platform for building rich internet applications. Version 1.


On Thursday Sun released the production version of JavaFX, a new platform for building rich internet applications. Version 1.0 targets web browsers and desktops, but subsequent releases will be available on mobile devices, TVs, and other consumer electronics devices. A mobile emulator is included for developers to preview building mobile applications with JavaFX.

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According to Sun, JavaFX offers a dramatically shortened production cycle for developers and web designers creating applications that integrate graphics, video, audio, animation, and rich text.

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The JavaFX 1.0 release includes three components:

  • The JavaFX Development Environment,
  • The JavaFX Production Suite, and
  • The JavaFX Desktop.

The JavaFX Development Environment includes the compiler and runtime tools, graphics, media, web services, and rich text libraries. It also includes JavaFX plug-ins for both NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs, and the mobile emulator.

The JavaFX Production Suite (formerly Project Nile) is a set of tools and plug-ins targeted towards web designers. Single-click conversion for media formats to JavaFX allows graphics assets from design programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, to be easily incorporated into JavaFX applications. Using the JavaFX Production Suite, developers can collaborate more efficiently with graphics designers through a simple exchange of media assets. In addition, the resulting applications will maintain a consistent look and feel across all browsers on multiple platforms.

JavaFX Desktop leverages the major features of Java SE 6 Update 11, such as the new implementation of the Java plug-in, which allows consumers to drag and drop applets that are running in their browser directly onto their desktop.

Full product details, more than 80 code samples and applications, tutorials, articles and documentation for JavaFX are available at

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