Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

Summary: Amazon's Kindle application for Windows Phone 7 devices is now available for free in the Marketplace.


I was eating my dinner at a restaurant in Ketchikan and using my T-Mobile HTC HD7 when I saw a Tweet from Engadget that the Kindle for Windows Phone 7 app went live on the Marketplace. I immediately downloaded the app and several of my Amazon ebooks to check out the free application.

Amazon truly is the leader in ebook software now with clients for every major smartphone platform except for Symbian and webOS. Given their track record, I imagine that we might even see a Symbian client coming in the future too while I believe a webOS client was already stated as coming.

I actually had too many mobile clients so I had to go in and delete my old Android devices so I could download my books. I had several review devices in the list and see that you can have up to six devices with the mobile application.

After loading up the application, you simply login to your account and then you will see all your archived titles. You then tap on them one at a time to download to your device for offline reading. You can download multiple titles at the same time. I was even able to download my own Windows Phone 7 Companion book (shameless plug here) in Kindle format.

You will then see the books you have downloaded on a Home screen with the options to show all or view your archived items on the bottom. You then slide left or right in the Metro UI to see ways to access the Kindle store (and view recommendations), and also a menu page to view your account, settings, and tap to sync options. The only setting is the ability to deregister right from your WP7 device.

To read a book you simply slide left or right to turn pages. Tapping on the screen gives you the location and a quick slider bar to jump somewhere else in the book. Options at the bottom include those for back, go to, settings, bookmark, sync, send a link, and move to archive. The settings within a book include those for five font sizes, three background types (white, sepia, and black), and a brightness slider bar. There are no font type options or the ability to highlight or lookup words at this time. Oh yeah, landscape reading is supported too. Reading was a real pleasure and with this app I am even more pleased with Windows Phone 7.

When you click on the Kindle store link you are taken to an Amazon Kindle formatted store front that does not seem to be just an Internet Explorer shortcut. It looks like a formatted web page, but the controls are different than the browser and it seems to work quite well.

If you have a Windows Phone 7 device I highly recommend you get the new Amazon Kindle application and start reading on your device.

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  • Great news!

    WP7 seems to be doing really well. Its marketplace is growing at a rate far faster than Apple's!
    • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

      Well, everyone whom I show my Samsung Focus to seem to be impressed by the device.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

    I have heard that WP7 sells so horribly bad??? Could it be the same situation as with KIN they have to close down the project??? Microsoft to show us the real figures so I do not believe in rumors???
  • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

    I got it on my Samsung Focus! Now finally I'll get to reading again!
  • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

    i can't find it in the marketplace. Amazon website says it's still coming soon :(
    • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

      @TestMonkey It's definitely there. I downloaded it last night about midnight.
      • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

        @Tiggster Can't find it either.
    • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

      @TestMonkey : I've just downloaded it as well. Started the Marketplace, and found it by simply clicking the "looking glass" (search) icon on my Samsung Focus (to the right under the screen) and typing "Kindle".<br><br>Very impressive little up! Has shown me all my books collection, and once I've downloaded a book and opened it, it took me right to where I left it on the Kindle device.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

    If it is there, then I can't find it.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

    It is about time, I had been using my blackberry brick to continue reading some of the books I already had downloaded and was eagerly awaiting the wp7 Kindle. For those of you who can't find it, I found it on the "New" section under Books & References.
  • For a &quot;Failing&quot; platform

    WP7 seems to be getting just as much support as the iPhones and Droids are ;)

    Jus' sayin'
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • It's cool

    Go WP7 Go!Kindle on Windows Phone7 is going to be music for me and my family who are hooked onto reading.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

    Thanks for the warning.
  • RE: Amazon Kindle app now available on Windows Phone 7

    Works perfectly on my Focus. Very nice app, one of the best so far for Wp7.
  • Keep those apps coming!

    This is great news for the fledgling mobile platform. These second-tier apps will be needed for the growth of the platform, right behind the must-haves like Twitter, Facebook, and a web browser.

    I hope their competitors follow suit.
  • Unfortunately not availabe in Brazil = USELESS

    I'm a owner of an Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android - 2.1 Froyo) and iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1), both the Brazilian Apple Store and Brazilian Android Market have the Kindle application from Amazon. I've just bought, out of a whim, the Nokia Lumia 800, with Windows Phone 7.5. I was AMAZED and ENRAGED to discover that I will not be able to read my over 100 (paid for) Kindle books on the U$ 1,000.00 device (this is its price in Brazil) because the Kindle app for the Windows Phone IS NOT available on the Brazilian Marketplace. I don't know if the blame lies with Amazon (maybe), Microsoft (more likely) or Nokia (unlikely). Since Amazon's claim that the Kindle Store (not the Kindle device) allows you to "Buy once, read anywhere" this in Brazil is considered as a kind of "promotional rip-off" or "false/deceitful advertising" and the consumers are protected by law to either get their money back or force the company to provide the advertised services (this is a choice of the consumer, not the service provider). Let's see what happens! Wish me luck getting Amazon to release the Kindle to the Brazilian Market!