Apple could learn from Nokia as they take immediate action with Lumia 900 connectivity issues

Apple could learn from Nokia as they take immediate action with Lumia 900 connectivity issues

Summary: Some Nokia Lumia 900 owner experienced connectivity issues so Nokia is taking drastic steps to resolve the issue, replace phones, and offer $100 AT&T credit to all Lumia 900 buyers.


I enjoy using my Apple iPhone 4S, but how many times over the years have we seen phones and tablets from Apple launch with some issues and then get nothing but silence or denial from Apple? Well, Nokia is taking steps to make sure they are the complete opposite of Apple when a problem appears and are taking proactive steps (at a significant cost to them) to resolve an issue affecting some new Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones.

I evaluated the Nokia Lumia 900 over the past week and a half (I just returned the eval unit yesterday) and never experienced the connectivity issue that some users are experiencing. As stated on the Nokia Conversations site:

However, soon after this flagship device began selling, we identified a software issue. In short, a memory management issue was discovered that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity. This issue is purely in the phone software, and is not related to either phone hardware or the network itself. As a proactive and prudent measure, we decided to take immediate action. We have identified the issue, and have developed a solution.

They plan to roll out a software update on or around 16 April, that is this coming Monday, that will fix the issue. If you don't want to wait, then you can swap your device for one that has already been updated.

In addition to the software fix/replacement, Nokia is going to post a $100 credit to AT&T bills for every Lumia 900 buyer who purchased one already or who purchases one between now and 21 April. WOW! Nokia is essentially giving away the Nokia Lumia 900 to everyone who bought one already or who buys one by 21 April!

I'm not sure what will happen to those customers who paid full price for the Lumia 900 to buy it off contract or were not eligible for a contract.

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  • But...

    Is this an update that ATT could block? I'm still suffering from a disappearing keyboard
    • Also, this $100 thing is desperate measure to support sales for the ...

      ... platform that tries to keep/get the momentum. Otherwise, money never go this way in similar cases, including from Nokia itself. So it is not realistic to expect that Apple all of sudden will also send money in similar cases, since even companies which co-lead and try to bite off Apple's share, like Samsung Electronics, never do that.
    • Logic

      AT&T are the only ones selling the Lumia 900 in the U.S. You really think Nokia would make a big announcement about something (for April 16!) that their sole carrier in the U.S. could block?
  • Hope this helps ...

    "I???m not sure what will happen to those customers who paid full price for the Lumia 900 to buy it off contract or were not eligible for a contract."

    ...Not an issue if they are using AT&T service.
  • Thumbs up to Nokia

    This swift response from Nokia is good. I can think of a phone maker that wouldn't do that.
  • If Nokia is actually acting fast to correct a problem, this... a newly-learned behavior for them.

    Certainly the last few years have seen Nokia's Symbian/S60 "Flagship" phones (the 5800 and N97 and onwards) ship with software that was beta-quality [b]at best[/b] and it then took Nokia literally years to fix the various problems; meanwhile, some of the affected phones have had few or no updates at all.

    By comparison, Apple has been very pro-active at fixing problems and they ensure that any iOS device you buy will remain entirely up-to-date for three years after the product's launch date.

    Maybe Nokia's new responsiveness is being forced by Microsoft (who don't want to see their WinPhone brand sullied)?
    • Not true. They've been excellent so far at deploying updates for the 800.

      These are their first real smartphones and theyve shown themselves to be completely first class with them. Far and away above apple who's first reflex is denial until they see how much negative publicity it's likely to generate before deciding if youre holding it wrong or not and several orders of magnitude better than androids it was like that when you bought it so you just need to buy a new phone reality.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Strange: When Nokia was pushing Symbian/S60, the claimed *THOSE*...

        ...were "smartphones".

        What's your definition for a smartphone, such that you include Lumia but exclude Symbian and S60?
    • I see the pro-Nokians have voted my comment down.

      Strange, though, that they haven't replied to my statement that essentially all of the touchscreen Symbian/S60 phones shipped with beta-quality software and Nokia has only updated-to-usability some of those phones.
      • Well...

        I have been a Nokia user since the first 5800 with S60v2, and today after a long line of Symbian Smart Phones, a N90-00 with Symbian Belle. I have never been disappointed with Symbian or its speed and responsiveness, especially considering the fairly low spec'd hardware.
        My only real question is, why allow Symbian to die?
  • They don't have a choice man

    If they don't act fast, that ship will sink!

    You know the old saying, "Noboby ever got fired for buying Microsoft's products." I think that is about to be challenged.
    • Actually....

      The saying was "No body ever got fired for buying IBM" but hey it's ok, falls in line with the rest of your percived knowledge.
      • Actually...that was 5 years ago!

        It changed to Microsoft. Quit defending the evil beast!
        The Danger is Microsoft
  • Kudos to Nokia!

    This is a great response to a situation that is bound to occur given the nature of the complex combinations of device, platform, carriers, third party apps, etc. As with most products, it's the after-sales customer service that makes the difference. I say "Kudos!" to Nokia for this quick and decisive action, and the extended steps they've taken to demonstrate their commitment!

    To those that comment with sniping: I understand that there's an inclination to take the conversation on a negative tangent by focusing on the past as well as to apply personal bias to rationalize events. But wouldn't it be better to stay on-topic, focus on the article's basic theme, and speak to whether this specific case and reaction is a customer service behavior that is exemplary, unusual, and desirable - or not?
    achilles heal
    • About support

      Try to update a C6-00 with Symbian S60 5th edition to Symbian Belle! Support is available only for C6-01 (same release time).
      People should only buy from manufacturers with good support.
      • Check Android phones

        I bet there are more Gingerbread phones that won't upgrade to ICS than S60v5 that won't upgrade to Anna or Belle. But hey, I'm a Symbian junkie! :D
  • Good for them!

    Thank goodness the "Great Smartphone Beta Test" is over and they won't have any more memory management issues.
  • Nokia is DOA, they received MS Kiss of Death

    Same as Silicon Graphics, same as Palm, same as Yahoo.
    • So what's your comment on the specific topic?

      With that opinion about the Nokia and Microsoft partnership being said, what is your opinion on the article topic: Was the action taken by Nokia on this issue exemplary or not?
      achilles heal
      • It's a desperate move

        @achilles heal

        from a company entering survival mode