Are iPhone 3.0 improvements enough to get you to buy an iPhone? They are for me

Are iPhone 3.0 improvements enough to get you to buy an iPhone? They are for me

Summary: I followed the live coverage of the iPhone 3.0 event over at GDGT Live and am leaning more and more towards picking up an iPhone 3G for myself soon. The key improvements include cut/copy/paste, notifications via a push server, Bluetooth improvements, landscape orientation and keyboard support in all key apps (including email), and more involved developer API support.


I followed the live coverage of the iPhone 3.0 event over at GDGT Live and am leaning more and more towards picking up an iPhone 3G for myself soon. The key improvements include:

  • cut/copy/paste
  • notifications via a push server
  • MMS
  • Bluetooth improvements (including A2DP)
  • landscape orientation and keyboard support in all key apps (including email)
  • search in contacts and calendar
  • more involved developer API support

The cut/copy/paste implementation looks fantastic and is a nice addition that will have bloggers like me who assemble stories with links and text from various places into a single document.

The Bluetooth improvements are not all completely clear to me yet, but they did show connecting to other iPhones via Bluetooth and connecting to medical gear. We didn't see any Bluetooth keyboard support, which would be a bonus for me to get some serious writing done on the go.

The landscape support finally has better consistency across applications, especially when it comes to email.

MMS may not seem like a big deal for those with iPhones and data plans, however as a father of two teenage daughters who do not have data plans MMS is a pretty big deal. MMS may actually be the thing that kicked me over the edge to pick up a new iPhone.

Search in contacts and calendars is HUGE IMHO! I use this all the time on my Windows Mobile devices to find emails on my Exchange server and this support was something I wasn't even expecting, yet is very welcome.

Many people may not care about A2DP support, but using the Nokia BH-903 headset with my E71 has been fantastic with no skipping on any podcast or song so this is a HUGE deal for me as well.

I know many of these things are already present on Windows Mobile, S60, Android, Palm, and BlackBerry devices, but you have to admit Apple's implementation is pretty dang slick and with the amazing number and quality of cheap applications it is tough to resist.

Keep in mind the MMS and A2DP improvements are not supported on the original iPhone. The update will be available for free to iPhone users this summer and $9.95 for iPod touchh owners.

Are these improvements enough for you? Will there be hardware announced in the next few months so that people should wait to pick up an iPhone 3G?

Topics: Collaboration, Hardware, iPhone, Mobility, Wi-Fi

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  • Umm... No.. If you want these features and more..

    Go buy an HTC touch pro... or better yet an HTC Touch Pro Diamond or even better A Palm TREO PRO.

    Heck.. Buy a Palm Centro!

    Apple hasn't added anything more than what the Centro already offers... so go for it... in fact the Centro even allows you to change the battery! It has had Push technology ummm built in from the start. How about adding memory cards?

    and if you move to the Treo Pro or the HTC Diamond.. you get GPS Navigation...along with changeable batteries... keyboards..bluetooth syncing... full multitasking...

    Where are the marketing people for these companies? WAKE UP!!!!! Microsoft.. make a better commercial for Win Mobile... NOW
    • The answer is simple

      The user experience on those devices you mentioned sucks.

      Here's a concept for you. A feature list does not a product make.
      Something other computer and compute-like device manufacturers
      outside of Apple don't get yet.
      • People like you keep saying that

        'user experience sucks' then never actually explain how or why.
        I guess it would be difficult, as I assume you have never used one. And it is much easier to talk about things you know nothing about.

        Now, why not go back and wait for Apple to 'invent' features that have been on every other smartphone for years.
        • Everyone Loves the iPhone!

          Deal with it!
          No More Microsoft Software Ever!
          • Loves the IPhone

            I must admit, it's a fairly heavily gilded cage the Apple\AT&T oligarchy builds for it's pets.

            But then again the Kanamit always did know How to Serve Man.
          • That was in '65. This is NOW. Everyone loves iPhone. Deal with it. (NT)

            No More Microsoft Software Ever!
          • 14% less people loved it in Q4 than did in Q3!

            Sleeper Service
          • App Store Ease of Use = Love (and hate)

            Like most iPhone addicts, I hate my iPhone. Yes, HATE - that's not a typo. BUT, I also love it and use it constantly. The hate is because of a few stupid missing features which are finally arriving after two years in v3.

            Everyone loves the iPhone for two reasons. The first is the App Store. You can be standing in line with another iPhone user, see a cool application they're using, buy it, and be using it before the line moves. It is quick, painless, convenient, and the variety is insane.

            The other main reason folks love the iPhone is that it is brain-dead easy to use everything on it. I had several Palms. I have used Windows Mobile phones and Blackberries, too. There were always lots of things I never used on those devices because they were awkward, quirky, difficult, or obscure. I use everything on my iPhone because it is all easy and accessible.

            Even my wife, who is a Crackberry addict, is jealous of the wider variety of things I can far-more-easily do with my iPhone. In fact, her company is working toward switching to the iPhone because the CEO is hooked on his own iPhone and now hates his office Blackberry.

            Sure, other devices have been doing most of these things far longer. Sure, nearly every smart device has a larger number of features on paper. And Apple definitely released the iPhone with some glaring features missing which were absolutely stupid decisions - like MMS and cut/paste.

            The difference is, the [i]average person[/i] can actually USE all of the features on an iPhone. On other phones, they can't figure out how to use half of those dozens of features listed. Using 100% of 40 features beats using 50% of 50 features any day. Most iPhone users FEEL like they have more features just because they are actually able to USE more features.

            I'm looking forward to version 3 of the iPhone. Now that they (finally!) added MMS and cut/paste, I will most likely upgrade my "vintage" day 1 iPhone. Maybe I won't hate this one so much.
          • Not so many people Love the iPhone. Deal with it!! <nt>

          • You (1) out of millions (plus me) = People Love iPhone. Deal with it! (NT)

            No More Microsoft Software Ever!
          • Dude - ease up on the caffeine and take your meds...

            your distortion field is getting a little to big...
          • Love it? I wouldn't pi$$ on one if it was on fire! [nt]

          • LOL - nt

          • Well considering the iPhone is not water proof

            I suspect the reason you would not blank on it if it were on fire is
            because of you're great concern and love for the device and you would
            rather simply smother the fire to save your precious toy. You see you
            Apple lovers make me sick. Normal people would not take the time or
            concern to put a normal WM device with alternative methods (You
            Apple people always having too be so very different) and we WM
            people would be very happy to blank on our devices in fact we might
            gather in a group and do it on mass. Not too mention our Dells boy
            howdy its a blanking good time around a burning Dell. Talk about
            your relief.

            You Apple fanboys make me SICK I tell ya!!!!

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • Non-creative things to do w burning Apple products

            LOL I wouldn't either, I'd just sue. So much more satisfying.
          • LOL - "everyone..." man Nielsen must want you

            to work for them if you can tell that! Your good
        • I've used winmobile devices

          and palm OS. I have not used the HTC. I have seen videos of people
          using it. The multiple taps, the multiple swipes to get the thing to
          respond. Them finally pulling out a stylus and tapping. I've seen the
          reviews of the Storm. How it locks in landscape. How the click screen
          is difficult to operate.

          I've seen the sales numbers. 30 million iPod Touches and iPhones in
          18 months.

          When 30 million people like a product there's a reason.

          It's subjective, but so what? That's the whole point of the product. To
          meet a want. The fact that the iPhone and Touch are doing that
          phenomenally well is something to be praised. Yet, like Harry Bardal
          says, people can't wait to come on these sites and tell us loudly why
          they won't buy one.
          • I guess I'm just that good!!

            [i]The multiple taps, the multiple swipes to get the thing to respond. Them finally pulling out a stylus and tapping.[/i]

            Hmm, never had to do this on my HTC Touch Diamond. I guess I'm just that good!! :)
          • Attempted irony again? Tut tut

            "The multiple taps, the multiple swipes to get the thing to respond.
            Them finally pulling out a stylus and tapping."

            funny how this is exactly what you were saying about the iPhone's
            screen in the other thread. I guess everyone who owns an iPhone is
            just that good.

            BTW: My dad uses the stylus 95% of the time on his HTC. frgough's
            observation rings true to me.

            Still eagerly awaiting your replies to all my observations about all your
            other straw men.
          • Don't hold your breath on that one......

            NonZ is much like those tiny "Punt" dogs. You know the ones who are
            roughly the size of a cat. Well as a rule they make all kinds of noise as
            you walk buy them but if you take a single step in their direction they
            stop yelping and run back with their tiny legs a good 10 feet turn and
            start yelping again. That is the essence of NonZ.

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn