CTIA 2012: Nokia announces new exclusive Lumia Windows Phone apps

CTIA 2012: Nokia announces new exclusive Lumia Windows Phone apps

Summary: Nokia offers Lumia owners special exclusives on software and services and today at CTIA they announced a few more upcoming titles. All WP users benefit though as more titles are coming to the entire platform as well.


I posted about my experiences with the white Nokia Lumia 900 and referenced the Nokia Conversations post on the unique apps and services for Lumia and Windows Phone devices, but wanted to dive a bit further into the details of this announcement from CTIA. Nokia Lumia devices already offer some extra Nokia software and services not found on other Windows Phone devices and we now see there is even more coming soon.

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I'm sure we will hear people complain that Nokia is creating fragmentation in the platform, but in my view they are offering an enhanced experience for Lumia buyers as a way to distinguish themselves from others and they are doing nothing to the platform by offering more software choices. You can read all about the titles in the press release, but let's break them down and see what is exclusive to Nokia and/or Lumia devices.

Exclusive to Nokia Lumia

We have the following software titles that are exclusive just to Nokia Lumia for a period of time:

  • PGA Tour app - 12 month exclusive, launching June 2012
  • ESPN Hub - exclusive until May 2013, available now
  • Groupon updated app - exclusive for 6 months from Summer 2012 launch
  • AOL Entertainment Hub - exclusive to Nokia Lumia for 6 months

Coming to all Windows Phones

These other titles were announced by Nokia, but are coming to all Windows Phone devices:

  • Angry Birds Space, some specific content exclusive to Nokia Lumia
  • EA titles, including FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Jam, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Mirror's Edge, and Yahtzee
  • PayPal payment application
  • Time Magazine
  • Newsweek Daily Beast
  • Box for Windows Phone

So as you can see there are four titles exclusive to Nokia for a period of time, but all Windows Phone devices benefit from the major partnership that Nokia has developed with Microsoft and developers.

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  • Exclusive to Nokia Lumia

    Is anyone using Windows phones?
    beau parisi
    • Exculsive to Nokia Lumia

      i am
    • Exclusive to Nokia Lumia

      I am as well and loving the experience.
    • yep

      no complaints and using the Nokia 900, the entire family has switched since they saw my first one. So I get a new Windows Phone and they get my old one lol.

      The wife got rid of her Android and a son got rid of his iPhone and another son got rid of his Android.
      • WP here

        I am too. It's a great platform. I even got some friends to convert and they are really happy with the platform that they plan to upgrade hardware but stick with the WP platform.
        Those who hunt Trolls
      • yep

        There's a rule in my house...you want smartphone you get Windows Phone and that's it. My wife and I love our Windows Phones...Go Metro and take a step above the rest! IOS and Android are boring....sure they have more apps for now but that's changing. When I look at the Smartphone industry I see a sea of sameness. Metro and Windows Phone offers CHANGE!
    • I have never seen one outside a store display.

      You may see one, or two in your entire lifetime. Unlike ZDNet, Microsoft trolls are like Bigfoot, very skittish in the real world. They run away from confrontations, and whine like little bitches.
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Come on over and

        I will share with you the wonderful world of WP 7. Seriosly though if you spend all your time looking at what phone someone is using you need a vacation.

        I have seen some in the "wild" and not just mine, but I probably have missed a lot to since I don't spend my time scouting who uses what phones. For me I get everything I need and even some that I didn't need but are nice to have's.

        Remember phone are still somewhat a personal choice and some of us just don't care to have to impress someone. Most people are impressed when they see how fast I do what I need to do and get back to the real world.
      • I really feel bad for you

        Not only are you missing out, it shows that you're hurt.
      • One of two reasons for that

        One, either you're making things up again, or two, you're walking around the world with your eyes closed.

        Either reason is plausable in your case.
        William Farrel
      • You really do need to get out more

        and what the hell are you doing complaining about WP7 when you just admitted you've never used one and only seen it from a distance.

        Pearls before swine I'm afraid ;-)
      • Windows Phone 7.5 our office standard

        Dumped Blackberry and all Windows Phone now, very happy with phones. You are trolling the wrong alleys. Get on Main St and you will see Windows phones. You be jumpin on the wrong roads Jack!
    • lumia 710

      just as fast and fluid as the iphone 4s and galaxy s2's around here. 1/3 or less the unlocked price (I buy my phones). When the iOS users start saying things like "my content is locked on iTunes..." you know they are reaching. I just tell them to use what they want.
    • Yes we are

      Have been since one was available. THe HTC Mozart has been great. but I'll be moving to a new Nokia Lumia at the end of this contract.

      The important verb here is USING.

      Not - rebooting, sideloading, playing fart apps, endlessly flicking through grids of dead icons that lead to siloed apps, watching while your dual core phone stutters through its slow animations or picking up yet more Android malware.

      We also have real HTML 5, so we don't have to buy apps from every company forced to use Apple's development system to get round its broken HTML 5.

      I have my exchange mail, access to Office documents, OneNote, a camera that works without the need to find an app or turn the phone on and a UI that's the slickest at the moment, to say nothing of the hub concept.

      So yes, discerning people are using WP7 - why aern't you?
      • The "Why Not"s

        Why I'm not using it?
        Because of two things really:
        1> I absolutely need an LED notification (for missed calls and stuff). WP developer forums says WP7.5 supports it apparently, but it needs an LED to work - like on a certain HTC phone I can't remember.
        Bring this one feature in, and I'm half in already.

        2> I need bluetooth file transfer:
        I know a lot of people think that's so 7th grade, but the fact remains that when I snap up a great picture with my buddies, I wanna share it with then right there - before I upload it to facebook or email them.
        What phone in the last 3 years doesn't have this?
      • Why Not

        @TruthSeekr99 I feel your pain. I'd love to have at least these 2 things too. Truth is though, in the last 18 months since I've had a WP7 (HTC Trophy) I really haven't missed them all that much. Definitely not a deal breaker IMO.
        Fingers crossed for a few of the missing features to be baked into WP8.
  • Umm Not A lot but...

    According to the NDP about 2%.
    • Windows crap phone has yet to break the 2% barrier

      Microsoft has to buy several million phones to make that happen lol :p
      Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Why does it bother you so much, JJF?

        that people like WP7? Are you somehow feeling left behind, people not paying attention to what you say? Well in a serious way, I mean.
        William Farrel
      • Why does it bother you so much William?

        Does it bug you that people speak the truth that Microsoft only reports the units shipped to distributors and not the numbers of people who ACTUALLY activate their phones?

        If Microsoft's number scheme was true then every car sitting on the lot at my local Toyota dealer has been sold to a driver.