Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

Summary: Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system continues to stagnate as people wait for Windows Phone 7 and the latest data shows Google Android passing them up. Android actually had the largest percentage increase of all smartphone platforms.


The good news for Google's Android operating system and devices continues and as the latest Gartner research data shows Android has now surpassed Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system and moved into fourth place with9.6 percent of market share. Symbian continues to dominate the worldwide smartphone market with 44.3 percent of market share with RIM in second at 19.4 and Apple's iPhone OS in third with 15.4. Microsoft moves down to fifth behind Android with 6.8 percent of market share.

Looking at the trends year-on-year we see that Nokia went down 4.5 percent, RIM went down 1.2 percent, Apple went up 4.9 percent, Android went up a whopping 8 percent, and Windows Mobile went down 3.4 percent.

Globally, the cellphone market grew 17 percent compared to last year with a whopping 49 percent jump in smartphone sales from January through March of 2010. It seems that Android is generating most of the current excitement with people waiting for the new iPhone and news from RIM with BlackBerry OS 6 coming later in 2010. According to Carolina Milanesi, research VP at Garnet, "Smartphone sales to end users saw their strongest year-on-year increase since 2006." That is excellent news for those of us who follow the smartphone space and honestly I think it is taking even longer than I thought it would for mobile to become dominant.

The Gartner data also shows hardware companies, but I am surprised there is no category for HTC who seems to be doing extremely well with the Google Android platform. There is an Others category with 19.2 percent and I wonder how much of this is made up of HTC.

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  • The Windows Phone death spiral will kill WP7

    Anyone who's seen the current Windows Phone 7 alpha knows it's extremely buggy and not fit for release. I think Microsoft already knows it will have to delay WP7 until 2011. With WinMo classic in a tailspin, there'll be nothing left.
    • RE: Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

      "I like our strategy. I like it a lot." :)
      Partners in Grime
  • I think your missing the point of the comparison Matt

    There is no need to show HTC, this comparison isn't handset its OS. So HTC's Android handsets would be in the Android category, and their Windows Mobile Handsets in the Windows Category.
    • He's not referring to the OS breakdown.


      He's referring to the hardware manufacturer breakdown on the Gartner site.
  • RE: Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

    htc reported that they sold 2.2 million handsets.

    Go Taiwan, knock american phone manufacturers into the unemployment queue...

    • Why buy American when the products are inferior?

      @hill60 Apple has been given 3 years and [b]still[/b] can't come out with a good phone although kudos to them on their fantastic marketing! Apple had their chance to impress me. They couldn't. I won't punish myself with an inferior product simply because the multi-billionaire who runs the company is an American.

      Which raises the next question: which American phone manufacturer exactly are you talking about? You do realize, don't you, that all Apple products are made in China, right?
      • Apple's hardware may be made in China but the marketing is all made in USA

        And in the case of Apple hardware accounts for only a very small fraction of the final value so we can safely say that the iPhone is an American product.
        OS Reload
      • RE: Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

        Give it a break with the drivel !
      • RE: Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

        What's the iPhone's smartphone market share in Japan? Seventy-two percent?
        Partners in Grime
  • Looks like Android is about to put the smack down on iPhone OS!

    I can't wait to help Google and HTC boot Apple from 3rd place. :) HTC, bring the Incredible to Canada!
  • Hardly surprising, which is why MS announced phone 7

    Umm not sure if you're keeping up or not but Microsoft pretty much admitted that they had let windows mobile go down a wrong road which is why they are creating phone 7. So this is hardly surprising. The really interesting piece will be to see how phone 7 fares when it's released. At the moment it looks like just about the only platform that's actually showing some innovation and not just trying to clone the iphone
    • RE: Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

      @danielman And by "innovation" you mean "making something very different, even if it happens to be crappy"?
  • RE: Google Android smacks down Windows Mobile in latest Gartner data

    If it weren't for T-Mobile HTC HD2 and T-Mobile/Verizon Wireless HTC Touch Pro 2 and the Windows Mobile platform would be dead; DEAD! What keeps Windows Mobile alive are the "chefs" at XDA whom have done wonders with HTC Sense 2.5 and 2.1 with cutomizations like Cooike Home Tab Editor, MaxManila and GTE Theming. What exactly makes Windows Phone 7 better; big buttons or what's under the hood?
  • I will certainly miss the feel of having a Pocket PC.

    However, I will certainly buy Windows Phone 7. I'll just have to overcome the obstacles of not being able to run multi-tasked applications in Windows Phone 7. I could go with Windows Mobile 6.5, but it's a dead end. There's more that separates the difference between Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7, but I'll just have to live with shortcomings with Windows Phone 7 until Microsoft brings back some of the old features and make it feel like a Pocket PC (well, a handheld PC) in the next version of Windows Phone. But well, it won't happen. :(
    Grayson Peddie