HTC partners with Beats, awesome audio focused devices coming this fall

HTC partners with Beats, awesome audio focused devices coming this fall

Summary: HTC announced a strategic partnership with Beats Electronics to bring the Beats Audio experience to HTC smartphones, starting this fall.


I am a big fan of HTC's smartphones and the HD7 is my current favorite. However, high end audio quality and camera performance have been two areas of the hardware that has disappointed in the past. They seem to be working to get their cameras updated, as seen in the myTouch 4G Slide, and last night announced that partnered with Beats Electronics LLC to focus on brining high performance sound to HTC phones.

With the incredible Zune Pass offer and experience on Windows Phones, a partnership with Beats and its Beats by Dr. Dre audio experience could result in some of the best HTC phones ever. It looks like Nokia will get some special treatment from Microsoft and provide a fantastic navigation service to Windows Phone so it is cool that HTC will differentiate with an amazing audio experience.

HTC announced that the two have been working together already and that new HTC devices with Beats sound innovations will be available this fall, which is perfect timing for a Windows Phone Mango release. HTC is known for pushing Windows Mobile to the limits and making excellent Android smartphones and now they are going to continue innovating and sounding cool at the same time.

Beats Electronics will continue to operate autonomously with their current partnerships that include Monster Cable Products, HP, and Chrysler. You may recall that the HP TouchPad webOS device has integrated Beats Audio support too.

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  • RE: HTC partners with Beats, awesome audio focused devices coming this fall

    Good for MS, but rather a loss for HTC. Not sure why they want to invest on a product that is less than 2%this of world market and which seems to continue to dwindle. Id rather prefer MS stop doing anything on WP7 and start developing appear for android or los to save or make money. I personally liked WP7, but after using phone and android I found where WP7 stands. Except for ms office I can't find a single reason why I should use wp7 phone. And more over no one sells wp7 phone. You go to any vendor and ask for a wp7. He will look at you as though you have lost your senses. To think mango would be a turnaround is a myth. Though I wish mango brings success I fell ms has been very late to react and has lost the war.
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