iPhone OS 4.0 revealed with some major enterprise improvements

iPhone OS 4.0 revealed with some major enterprise improvements

Summary: Apple revealed several details and new features coming to the iPhone in OS 4.0 updates this Summer and Fall. Enterprise improvements were actually a major focus of this update too.


Apple revealed iPhone OS 4.0 today and most of what they announced was what was expected from them to compete with Google Android, Palm webOS, and Windows Phone 7. Actually, you can now enjoy some of what they announced with a jailbroken iPhone 3GS. The iPhone update 4.0 will be coming this Summer with full support for the iPhone 3GS and limited support for the 3G model and older iPod touch devices. iPad owners will have to wait until the Fall to get their OS 4.0 update. Apple showed off seven different things in the announcement today, but stated there are 100 so there is still much to be revealed in the 93 other new user features.

Here are the seven they detailed:

  • Multitasking (jailbroken availability): specifically showed details on background audio, VoIP, background location, local push notifications, task completion, and fast app switching
  • Folders (jailbroken availability)
  • Unified inbox: Does not look to include SMS/MMS and IM conversations.
  • iBooks: At least we can read purchased iPad books on more than just the iPad now.
  • Game Center: XBox capability on the iPhone
  • iAd: Hate ads, but actually Apple makes them look good. May change the marketplace for mobile.
  • Enterprise improvements: Data protection, multi-Exchange accounts, Exchange Server 2010, SSL VPN support, wireless app distribution, and mobile device management were all listed.

Just about every new device at my office has been an iPhone and with these improved enterprise features I am sure our IT department will finally embrace the iPhone publicly.

I followed the Engadget and GDGT coverage and recommend you check out these sites for images and more details on this latest update.

We will obviously see new iPhone hardware released this summer too, but I believe there will be little external change with most of the updates being internal improvements in the processor, battery, and display.

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  • Delivered?

    They haven't delivered anything yet and the good stuff is limited to 3GS and the new model / iPad. So too bad for any older models you might have deployed. Just get used to refreshing your iPhone deployment yearly .. it's the Apple way. And you wonder why they have little to no corporate adoption? (Personal liable doesn't count).

    "Better data protection" means no FIPS certification thus our security / risk team will still deny support for iPhone.

    How will they provide device management? ActiveSync doesn't offer it (even in Exchange 2010) So either they have their own middleware soluition now or partnered with someone.

    How will two exchange accounts using ActiveSync work? Which policy has device ownership?

    Hopefully once some details come out we will get some answers.

    Do I really want ad's on the iPhone and in Apps?
    • 80% of the Top Fortune 500 Companies use iPhones

      > And you wonder why they have little to
      > no corporate adoption?


      Over 80% of the Top Fortune 500 companies already use iPhones. (And it's growing.)

      • No ...

        80% what?

        That are testing it? Deploying it? Allowing personal liable iPhones? It's a number they pulled out of their ass.
      • Silly rabbit...

        "Pointing out that 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use iPhones, Jobs demoed..."

        That's kinda like the headlines of late that "Best Buy Stores Across the Nation Sold out of iPads"...when in reality there are many Best Buy stores that didn't get 'em, and the ones that did only got a few.

        No doubt that 80% of Fortune 500 is comprised of a few top execs that had to have that new toy and made their IT dept integrate...that doesn't mean 80% of Fortune 500 replaced their complete Blackberry infrastructure with iPhones. Believe me, if [i]that[/i] was the case, Jobs would make it a point to tell us so.

        Statistics can be made to say anything, whether its true or not depends on how much kool aid you drink.
        • Amazing!

          With all the access we have to information sheeple are still sucked in by marketing tricks. Nice post sailor.
  • List of all 100 features?

    Does anyone have a list of *ALL* 100 "new features"?

    Also... if you don't have a 3GS... you won't have multitasking.
    (Even if you wanted to just multitask 1 program that uses 1% of the CPU.)
    • Here's some of them:-

      File & delete Mail search results
      Search SMS/MMS messages
      Web search suggestions
      Choose image size in Mail messages
      Bluetooth keyboards
      CalDav invitations
      Larger fonts for Mail, SMS & alerts
      Cell data only setting
      Spell check
      Persistent Wi-Fi
      Gift Apps
      Birthday calendar
      Recent Web searches
      Create Playlists
      Top Hit in search
      5x digital zoom
      Nested Playlists
      Tap to focus video
      Upload workouts to Nike+
      Places in Photos
      iPod Out
      Home screen wallpaper
      Search SMS/MMS messages
      Wake on wireless
  • it's the carrier, stupid

    Our company will not consider the iPhone as long as it's tied to AT&T. I'm guessing that it's this issue that most prevents corporate adoption, not the currently discussed new features.

  • On my Christmas list this year:

    1) iPad 2) new iPhone with 4.0 (in that order)
    • Don't wait for Christmas!!

      Get an iPad now. They are AWESOME!!
  • RE: iPhone OS 4.0 revealed with some major enterprise improvements

    we shall see. So far the OS and spell check really suck.
    And Jobs' bone headed decision not to support Flash and
    wmv are a real pain for me. but he doesn't care about
    what his customers think. Just those who drink the Kool
    • So why don't Blackberry's have Flash?

      Largest player in the Enterprise market and no Flash.

      Why should enterprise open a gaping security hole like Adobe's

      Are workers who can play "Farmville" happier and more productive?
  • RE: iPhone OS 4.0 revealed with some major enterprise improvements

    The new OS will ship in June (Fall for iPad, and a developer preview is available today, so we can expect to have plenty of apps updated and ready for launch.
    Mark Jason