Is Palm going up for sale soon? Wouldn't an HTC webOS device be killer?

Is Palm going up for sale soon? Wouldn't an HTC webOS device be killer?

Summary: Palm started out 2009 with a bang after announcing webOS, but the launch never seemed to live up to the promise and Palm is struggling yet again. Rumors report they are going up for sale soon so now the speculation possible buyers will surface.


I have been posting on Twitter (you can follow me if you like) for a few weeks that HTC should buy Palm and roll out Treo 650 form factor (HTC did make this Palm OS device), Nexus One form factor, or HD2 form factor webOS device. IMHO, Palm has one of the best mobile operating systems with awesome multi-tasking, great app switcher, fantastic games, and a very stable operating system. Their weakness is in the hardware that I feel is subpar for today's devices. We hear rumors from Bloomberg that Palm may be putting itself up for sale so my dream device may eventually come true.

Lenovo may also be an interested party with Dell apparently passing up the opportunity. I have also stated before that RIM would be a good candidate to buy Palm since they both focus on hardware QWERTY keyboards and RIM could definitely use a mobile operating system upgrade. Imagine a BlackBerry device with webOS for the cool modern stuff and RIM's OS experience bringing enterprise-class email and security to the device.

HTC currently makes Windows Mobile and Google Android products. They will also most likely make Windows Phone 7 devices, but with far less customization opportunities with WP7 I would think they may seriously consider webOS. They could even still make Google Android devices if they wanted to play in that space too and they have been pretty successful supporting multiple operating systems in the past.

webOS doesn't really have much of a Today screen/glanceable information screen so an HTC webOS device with TouchFLO 3D on it could be pretty compelling. I am not even thinking of what they could do to improve the OS, but just putting what we have with webOS right now on some of their fantastic hardware should be big enough to win many over to webOS, don't you agree?

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  • Agree: webOS is quite nice

    I agree that webOS is one of the better mobile
    OSes out on the market. It is a pity that Palm
    fails to back it up with decent hardware. I was
    big fan of Palm's PDAs before RIM Blackberries
    "got real."
  • RE: Is Palm going up for sale soon? Wouldn't an HTC webOS device be killer?

    webos is great, i have a palm pre but if only Palm did not follow in apple's steps and made the device available on every mobile network, they won't be in the situation they find themselves in today.
  • Yes! Give me an HTC WebOS phone!

    Absolute agreement. WebOS is powerful, fun and friendly. WebOS on an HTC chassis would be incredible.

    It just needs to be:

    * available on a larger screen
    * sold on every carrier
    * advertised well

    PS. Getting all of Palm's patents wouldn't hurt HTC either.
  • RE: Is Palm going up for sale soon? Wouldn't an HTC webOS device be killer?

    Android is a far superior operating system and will
    continue to grow and prosper because its development
    platform and the general openness of the OS. WebOS is a
    nice OS, compared to BB and WM, but compared to Android
    and iPhone, lol, it looks like child's play.